Guestline – Industry challenges and technological solutions

Friday, September 02, 2022.
Guestline - Industry challenges and the power of technological solutions

Fill the Gap with Tech. An expertly informative event tackling industry challenges and the power of technological solutions

Given the turbulence of the last two years, with forced closures and restrictions creating chaos and instability across the industry, hoteliers could be forgiven for looking forward to better times ahead. The signs of recovery are promising.  However, the fallout of the pandemic, which has driven many hotel workers to look for alternative employment, has left Ireland’s hospitality with an acute staff shortage. Many operators are having to restrict hours of operation or services due to their inability to fill vacancies with demands on existing teams impacting morale and productivity.

But in an industry still wrestling with highly manual and repetitive processes, all is not lost. With severely depleted teams, the challenge is how to utilise existing resource more effectively by automating mundane tasks that add little value. This coincides with post pandemic, the growth of the digitised guest where the contactless guest experience through self-service technology is both accepted and expected.

Never has the Irish hospitality industry been more ready to leverage the power of technology. It’s time to #FillTheGapWithTech

Guestline, who are a global leader in hotel cloud-based property management systems, distribution and guest engagement technologies are the PMS of choice for hotels across the Isle of Ireland including The Glenroyal Hotel, Knightsbrook Hotel, Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, The Savoy Hotel and The George plus Ten Square Hotel as part of Loughview Leisure Group NI, are calling on Irish hoteliers to save the date for their upcoming #FillTheGapWithTech event taking place on the morning of Thursday 24th November at the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin. The event aims to identify the challenges the hospitality industry are facing at the moment and how to effectively fill the gap with tech. Bringing together industry leaders on both sides of the weighing scales including leading tech partners, industry experts, alongside voices from the Irish Hospitality Industry, the Northern Ireland Hotels Federation and well-known hoteliers, for a fast paced informative morning of presentations, panel discussions and demonstrations. The event will discuss how solutions have been driven through Covid, why the client is now more willing to participate and relieve the gap of trained resources, the human resources repercussions, how the fallout is being tackled and ultimately how hoteliers can make the best of the post covid situation to enhance the guest journey and #FillTheGapwithTech

Hospitality and more specifically hotels, have been typically slow to adopt new technology when compared to other industries. Given the highly repetitive and manual nature of many of the back-office and front-office processes making them ideal for automation, this seems somewhat strange. According to recent reports, the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation by 10 years, with today’s travel consumers becoming more digitally and tech savvy. Change, driven by the consumer, is being forced upon the industry, putting pressure on hoteliers to migrate their products to the cloud and to look at how they can further leverage technology to both plug the labour gap and meet the demands of the guest. Technology is no longer a ‘nice to have’ it is a necessity.

Guestline - Industry challenges and the power of technological solutions

It is time to embrace the power of technology. 

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