ELY Wine Bar announces ‘A Secret Pairing’ plus ‘Wine Flights’

Thursday, August 04, 2022.
ELY Wine Bar announces 'A Secret Pairing’ plus ‘Wine Flights’

ELY Wine Bar announces: ‘A Secret Pairing’ Experience at ELY, plus ‘Wine Flights’ Experience – Wine Sourced from Around The World

ELY Wine Bar is open from 5pm Tuesday to Saturday and is offering two fantastic mid-week experiences, ‘Wine Flights’ and their ‘A Secret Pairing’. Both experiences take place at ELY Wine Bar, Ely Place, Dublin 2

ELY Wine Bar has launched a new culinary and wine-paired experience with their new ‘A Secret Pairing’ nights. The team will select three of their favourite wines with Head Chef Luca matching these with a selection of tasty seasonal plates.

Each glass and plate will be explained only as they come, an experience that is sure to delight those who like trying new flavours and pairings!

“The new secret pairing experience at ELY Wine Bar is a celebration of our roots, a real Wine Bar. ELY is always the place to enjoy an exceptional glass or bottle of wine without committing to a full meal, a proper wine bar. The ‘A Secret Pairing’ nights are also driven by seasonality and simplicity, letting the flavours of the wine and food marry together,” says Head Chef of ELY Luca Rocco.

Key to creating their food-for-wine menu is their talented head chef, Luca. He brings a fresh view to how best to make great ingredients shine, creating a depth of flavours with the lightest of touches. Luca’s Italian heritage definitely shows through. He understands the balance between the food he creates and the wines that they pour and, as a result, the food at ELY is better than ever!

Luca works hand in hand with ELY’s director of wine, Ian, to ensure each dish is carefully curated to help ensure the ELY Wine Bar experience is among the best wine bar experiences in the world.

Available from 5 pm every Tuesday to Saturday €59 per person, 2 people minimum.

What are ‘Wine Flights’?

Live vicariously through ELY! Catch a LovELY ‘Wine Flight’ at ELY Wine Bar, Ely Place, Dublin 2! Each week they pick three wines of a certain theme for you to explore. LovELY!

When you pop in to experience the Wine Flight, you will receive tasting notes as well as guidance from the knowledgeable team as you enjoy. The theme could be a country, region, producer or a particular style…the possibilities are endless! Tuesdays to Saturdays for €18 per person.

Taste, savour and immerse yourself in the LovELY experience; great wine, great food, great company!

For More Information contact: [email protected] or call / whatsapp 087 1234 245

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