Premium Italian coffee Caffé Vergnano launches in Ireland

Thursday, August 25, 2022. 1:44pm

Premium Italian coffee Caffé Vergnano launches in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Research shows that cappuccino is Ireland’s favourite coffee and nearly a third of people buy a coffee out of home at least once a day.

The family-owned premium Italian coffee brand, Caffé Vergnano has launched in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The launch follows Coca-Cola HBC’s acquisition of a 30% equity shareholding in Caffé Vergnano in 2021 with an exclusive distribution agreement in Coca-Cola HBC’s markets including the island of Ireland. Caffé Vergnano which celebrates its 140th anniversary this year will be available to hotels and restaurants across the island.

Premium Italian coffee Caffé Vergnano launches in Ireland and Northern Ireland

To celebrate the launch of one of Italy’s oldest roasters on the island of Ireland, Caffé Vergnano commissioned research to find out how people like their coffee. The survey of over 1,000 people found that:      

  • When it comes to enjoying a coffee out of home, a cappuccino is Ireland’s favourite type of coffee at over 27%, followed by an americano at 23% and latte coming in third at 21%.
  •  Nearly a third of people buy a coffee at least once a day at 31%, 19% buy a coffee multiple times a day and 51% of people buy a coffee out of home at least three to five times a week. 
  • Unusually, respondents stated the need for an energy hit was the third reason they would drink a coffee, with the desire to socialise at number two and the taste of coffee the number one reason for reaching for their coffee of choice.
  • Unsurprisingly, weekday mornings are the number one time when respondents said they were most likely to drink coffee, followed by weekend mornings in second place and weekday lunch in third.
  • When it comes to sitting in or take away, 56% of respondents prefer to get their coffee to take away compared to 35% who prefer to sit in a coffee shop, restaurant or bar and enjoy their coffee.

Commenting on the findings of the research and the launch of Caffé Vergnano on this island of Ireland, Niall Kidd, Coffee Business Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland said: “Coffee drinkers in Ireland and Northern Ireland are a discerning group, they know their coffee and value taste and quality above everything else. Given the premium quality, authenticity, and heritage of Caffé Vergnano, we felt it was the perfect coffee for our hotels and restaurants in Northern Ireland and Ireland.”

Caffè Vergnano is a family-owned Italian coffee company headquartered in Santena, Italy. It is one of the oldest coffee roasters in Italy with roots dating back to 1882.  Its product offering consists of truly premium, high-quality coffee that represents Italian heritage and authenticity at its best. 

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