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Hotel, Tourism, Leisure, with Horwath HTL | Chef Table Podcast #1
April 05, 2022

Episode #1 Hotel, Tourism, Leisure – Post-Pandemic with Horwath HTL Global

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About episode #1

We talk to John Fareed and James Chappell from Horwath HTL Global, the world’s largest and most experienced hospitality consulting brand. We discuss how the pandemic accelerated existing trends, the risk / reward ration in HTL (hotel, tourism & leisure), the great resignation, industry innovation and technology, global distressed assets, prioritising customers and flexibility, technology hybrids and endemic – tourism 2022 predictions.

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John Fareed James Chappell Horwath HTL Global podcast
John Fareed James Chappell Horwath HTL Global podcast

John Fareed, MSc CHME ISHC, is Global Chairman for Horwath HTL. He leads the global brand and oversees the firm’s US offices in Beverly Hills, CA, Denver, CO, New York, NY, Norfolk, VA, Orlando, FL, Miami, FL, and Mexico City, Mexico.

John Fareed James Chappell Horwath HTL Global podcast

James Chappell is the Global Business Director of Horwath HTL, the worlds oldest and largest Hospitality Consulting Brand and is responsible for 50 offices in 39 countries around the world.

The Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism & Leisure Consulting

John Fareed is Global Chairman of Horwath HTL – a global company that has been running for over a century and is widely recognised as the world’s leading hotel, tourism and leisure consultancy.

Together with James Chappell – Global Business Director – they have been visiting Ireland recently, working on an interesting new take, like a pair of bible salesmen spreading the good news about the hotel and catering sector.

At Horwath HTL, they believe that there are permanent changes underfoot and that from now on, the focus will be increasingly on hotel and leisure and away from the relatively moribund office-space sector.

Visit Horwath HTL for more.

Read our full interview with John Fareed and James Chappell from Horwath HTL.

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