Wellness, Weirdness, or Willingness to Let Go and Find a New Way of Living

Thursday, August 26, 2021. 12:00pm
Wellness and a whole new way of living

Wellness, Weirdness, or Willingness to let go and Discover a Whole New way of Living….

The world of Wellness has moved on so much over the last 2 years and the contributing factor of lockdown 2020 has allowed us humans time to go within and do some soul searching on a more spiritual level……
We no longer want a “spa hotel” with a back massage, a round of golf and a slap-up meal, afternoon tea thrown in with the bottle of bubbly or a fine Italian Chianti ……………

What Are We Searching For?

Are we searching for a spiritual connection? Are we looking for our soul tribe? A group of like-minded people on a similar internal journey that we can relate to and grow with? Are we looking more inwards to re-connect to ourselves on a deeper spiritual level of internal awareness through ancient practices of breathwork, yoga, meditation, and ceremonies such as sacred plant medicines like CACAO, San Pedro, Ayahuasca, where we honour the spirit of plant and lean into a sacred space allowing the plant medicine to show you what you need to know .One must allow the spirit of the plant to open your mind, to open your heart and awaken your intuition. One will experience a deep healing, revealing unconditional love while cultivating creativity, letting go of demons and inviting compassion for ourselves and for others.

Wellness and a whole new way of living

The curiosity of many people in the Western world about ancient cultures and plant medicines have grown in recent years.
This attention, however, has been accompanied by a misperception of the medicine, a sheer lack of respect for the powerful sacred spirit of the plants, its immense healing properties and life changing experience felt by ceremony.
In shamanic culture, these plants, although entheogenic, are not considered a drug; rather, they are considered highly respected and sacred medicines. Shamans believe that these plant medicines are deeply connected to the Spirit and can show us where great internal knowledge can be attained, activating creativity, growth, and true healing to a person. These plant medicines are to be ingested and experienced only in a ceremonial context, and with a trained Shaman. The Shaman will hold a safe space, guide, protect, and intervene if needed. The Shaman will reflect with the client to later interpret, understand, and integrate their experience back into their life. One must only participate in a plant medicine ceremony if they “feel called “by spirit. One must feel ready to make a change in their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual lives by applying what they have learned from their Shaman during their ceremony, meaning that these plant medicines are to be taken seriously, with great intention, and not dosed recreationally. This practice is not for everyone only the spiritually awakened……..

Wellness and a whole new way of living

The term Wellness, however, covers a multitude of available practices today, some newer that others but all with the same purpose and focus of returning to source, to Mama Gaia, to cultivate our own powerful Chi life force energy, Prana or Qi .
To journey on a deeper level going within to find some inner peace, acceptance, and tranquillity in this frantic world.
Why are we now looking more internally in such an externalised world???

Have we finally awakened to the fact that we don’t need all these materialistic assets that we have acquired over the last centuries??
Are we finally awake and aware that all we actually need is human connection and internal acceptance!!!!
With so many people currently suffering in silence with mental health issues, addiction, ill health from poor diet and lack of respect for the body and mind. We live in a society emotionally damaged from childhood trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, and self-esteem issues. People are now aware that alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, materialistic gain and even money, bitcoins and lavish properties cannot buy our happiness and inner peace that we are soul searching for…….
That is why we are looking at dealing with these issues through a more holistic approach, returning to our hunter gatherer ways, using ancient ritual’s, plant medicine and spiritual connection that our ancestors would have practised in ceremony throughout time……
A spiritual retreat allows a person to work on self-development and inner growth. One should be open to the journey of awakening and accepting their shadow side and exploring a new way of living fully while meeting other like-minded souls as they walk and embark on their own journey of self-discovery.
FYI this journey is not for the faint hearted!!!!!!
You will have to do the work……. meeting yourself with acceptance and love, all of you, the good the bad and the ugly…. This will not always be pretty, but it will be so worth it to feel complete contentment in self……
Immersing yourself in a schedule of daily Meditation, Breath work, morning Vinyasa and evening Yin yoga practice. Explore in depth the energetic systems, chakra’s, mantras, tapping technique, embrace some ice baths with cold water therapy, crystal sound baths, crystal healing, reiki, energy healing and modifications in breath, bandhas and forward folds……

Wellness and a whole new way of living

With so much available it’s difficult to know what you would like, need or what you would even enjoy……. Me personally, I suggest you use your own personal guide of intuition and feel what your being called to explore………you will be divinely guided to what and where you should be, and your soul tribe will be revealed to you in perfect timing…………TRUST THE UNIVERSE……….

I co -founded and facilitate a holistic retreat in Ireland with my business partner and breathworks facilitator “Breathe trust flow“. Together we have combined masculine and feminine energies to create an authentic Irish holistic retreat “Anam Tuatha “ meaning “Soul Tribe “ in a magical location in Co Offaly (Salann Na Talun )” meaning salt of the earth”.

Wellness and a whole new way of living

We have integrated all the elements of a holistic retreat through breathwork, cacao ceremony, yoga, cold water therapy, sound therapy, shamanic drumming, fire ceremony, daily motivational workshops with manifesting, dream building, goal setting and so much more !!!!All tucked away in the beauty of our ancestral roots of ancient Ireland and mother nature’s gifts of earth, fire, water, and plenty of fresh air ……

Written by Lorraine Hogan
The Wellness Coach2020 (life coach, wellness coach, dreambulider facilitator, personal trainer, yoga teacher, nutritional coach).

Instagram: @thewellnesscoach2020 @breathetrustflow
Facebook: Thewellnesscoach2020

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