Webapp version of Prepsheets.com launched in 2021

Wednesday, May 12, 2021. 3:00pm
Lemon Drizzle Cake recipe on Prepsheets.com

Brain and Tara Beattie opened Mange Tout Limited in 1998 as a fine dining restaurant. In 2002 it
pivoted to an outside catering company, and in 2011 it expanded to become a café operator. In
2021 it pivoted again to launch a SaaS product – Prepsheets.com – for the hospitality sector.

Prepsheets.com is the culmination of all the experience Brian and Tara gained whilst running
their now multi-million euro hospitality group ensuring that through their growth and entering
new markets they remained profitable.
Brain’s childhood growing up on a family farm gave him an appreciation for natural and local
produce. Training alongside chef proprietors in some of Dublin’s most famous restaurants
(Chapter One; L’Ecrivain) taught him the importance of managing costs down to the individual
Tara’s background in Quality Management Systems as well as ERP Software meant Mange
Tout was always working on technological systems to streamline the business. They initially
developed Prepsheets.com as an internal tool that enabled them to create dishes suitable to
their diverse clients whilst always having accurate menu costs, allergens and calories.
For a long time they wanted to offer it to other hospitality companies and help them achieve the
same efficiencies and gross margins. However they were missing some technical skills.

Fortunately, their son provided a missing link. Due to Covid-19 he had to take a gap year from
studying computer science at MIT, Boston.
So, the webapp version of Prepsheets.com was launched in 2021. This is a wholly
independently owned subsidiary of Mange Tout. It is a simple tool to ensure that inhouse recipes
have accurate costs, allergens and calories for each portion of each dish. Brian and Tara have
found over the years that if you are clear on your costs, you are clear on your end pricing and
you are also clear on what you can put on your menu or not. You are also in a strong position
when it comes to negotiating with suppliers for better prices.

Recipe cost, allergens and calories on Prepsheets.com

The tool is live and currently has 30 users signed up. The tool is also free until the end of June
and we are fully committed to working with all signups to ensure they are on-boarded quickly.
We have already available the standard product lists of major wholesalers in this space – Pallas
Foods, La Rousse and Odaios Foods.
If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

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