Granville Homemade Raspberry Jam Wins 3 Stars!

Tuesday, August 29, 2023.
Granville Homemade Raspberry Jam Wins 3 Stars!

3-Stars for the Granville Hotel’s Homemade Raspberry Jam at the Great Taste Awards

The Great Taste Awards are awarded by the Guild of Fine Food in London. This year, the team at Granville Hotel were delighted to win ‘3 Stars’ for their Homemade Raspberry Jam at this year’s awards, making it an ‘exquisite’ product. Although the competition is UK-based, the awards are open internationally. The judging process involves more than 500 judges consisting of chefs, cooks, buyers, retailers, restauranteurs, food critics and writers, all take part in a blind tasting.

Granville Homemade Raspberry Jam Wins 3 Stars!

This year there were 14,195 entries from 109 countries with 5,556 receiving awards. Of these, only 241 products received the top prize of 3 Stars, only 1.7% of the field. From these products, only 17 products from Ireland received 3 Stars with the Granville Hotel being the only hotel in Ireland to receive the award this year.

Marion Mulrooney has been a Chef in the Granville Hotel for 42 years and has taken the lead in making Homemade Jams for our Breakfast Buffet and Coffee Mornings in the Bar.  She said that she was “thrilled with the award” and is “delighted to be able to be a part of something so successful for the hotel and the Cusack family”.

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