Kelsius: Food Safety Training, Food Waste & Sustainability

Tuesday, October 25, 2022. 10:35am
Kelsius: Food Safety Training, Food Waste & Sustainability in Hospitality

Food Safety Training, Food Waste & Sustainability in Hospitality

Kelsius, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and providers of Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems and Digital HACCP systems to the foodservice industry, has tapped into this market with its FoodCheck2Go and FoodCheck 2.0, two modern digital solutions designed to help combat food waste levels.

With an increased focus on sustainability efforts across hospitality, Kelsius’ FoodCheck2Go product supports organisations to meet their environmental targets. Combining a digital temperature probe with a Samsung 8-inch tablet (or any other web enabled device) whereby all information is stored and accessed via the tablet, this FoodCheck2Go product enables chefs to check and record fridge temperatures, cook and cool temperatures, hygiene tasks and daily tasks – but in a far more efficient and flexible way. It is an automated solution that removes the need for any paperwork in food safety procedures. It makes audit preparation much more straightforward and makes records more easily accessible. This helps to highlight any concerns as well as eliminate any wastage. It also ensures HACCP is being implemented and helps kitchen staff to manage all aspects of Food Hygiene Regulations.

FoodCheck 2.0 offers the same digital system but with fixed sensors for temperature monitoring and temperature probes.The product’s sensors record storage areas consistently and accurately, therefore preventing food and produce waste. The system also has an alarm which will immediately alert staff of any sudden temperature changes in storage areas, meaning risks due to human error and stock loss are kept at a minimum.This could save businesses thousands in stock loss. Not only are operators saving financially, but they are also greatly reducing food waste levels that used to be lost due to inefficient temperature regulation.

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