Birr Castle Tours for lovers of heritage and history

Saturday, June 04, 2022. 1:21pm
Birr Castle Tours for lovers of heritage and history

Fabulous days outs for friends this summer at Birr Castle Demesne, one of Ireland’s most extraordinary destinations

Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary destination that is Birr Castle Demesne a day trip from many places in Ireland. Endless discoveries include a beautiful castle with ten kilometres of scenic walks, rivers, waterfall, a lake, one of Europe’s finest plant collections, Science Galleries with the world’s oldest intact dark room, the world’s tallest box hedge, forest bathing and trails to suit every age and interests.   

Birr Castle has been the home of the Parson’s family since 1620 and the 7th Earl of Rosse, William Brendan Parsons and Alison Lady Rosse annually open their home to the public in summer. The castle tour includes a 75-minute guided tour starting with the welcome videos in the Science Galleries follow by a visit to the castle and the stunningly beautiful reception rooms. A guide will lead you through the magnificent rooms while educating you on the extraordinary and pioneering history of the Parsons family, most especially in the area of science. Your guide will also discuss the antique furniture, the family portraits, chandeliers, and tapestries within the rooms you visit.

Birr Castle Tours for lovers of heritage and history

Following your tour of the Castle your admission ticket also allows you to explore the 120 acres of parklands, enjoy many of the nature trails, marvel at the Great Telescope, visit the Carroll Oak which is standing tall for over 500 years, enjoy a stroll along the rivers and waterfall and visit Ireland’s Historic Science Centre.   

  • Guided tours of the interior of Birr Castle will run Monday to Saturday from now until August, with tours running at 10:00, 11:30 & 13:00 daily. 
  • Pre-booking is essential for castle tours, and tours are suitable for age 12 upwards. Please note the castle is a listed property with many steps, unfortunately it is not wheelchair accessible. 
  • Cost of €20 per person and includes access to the Demesne pre or post your booked tour time. for booking and more information. 
  • Café and gift shop on site. 

Birr Castle Demesne is beautifully framed within a 120-acre demesne, this 17th-century castle is home for the past 400 years to the Parsons Family, who are celebrated for their remarkable scientific and engineering feats, including the world-famous Great Telescope (1845).  

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