Tourism in Ireland 2021 – Ready or Not?

Friday, May 21, 2021. 12:00pm
Irish tourism 2021
Tourism in Ireland 2021 – Ready or Not?

With lockdowns breaking out all over again and Irish citizens and businesses trapped in a seemingly open-ended crushing Lockdown, there’s no shortage of depression around, particularly in the hotel & catering sector.

There is, however, some cause for optimism. We do have vaccines and they are being distributed at an increasing rate as the year goes on. The situation across Europe and North America is a similar one, so while the NPHET-led three headed government continues to paint a bleak and foggy picture without a distinct future, there is the distinct possibility that things may open up relatively quickly this summer – both from a national and an international perspective. Besides, the Government have indicated that hotels and restaurants might begin to open in June, even though they didn’t specify the date. If this modern-day

If this modern-day miracle is to occur, just how ready will our tourism industry be? This has been a very long lay-off for the hundreds of thousands of people in the tourism industry. Is it reasonable to expect that they are all waiting in the wings, standing with their ears cocked to hear the call to run on stage?

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