Spending Rises Swiftly as the Taylor Effect Sweeps Dublin

Friday, July 05, 2024. 9:03am
‘Swift’ spike in price of Dublin hotels - Reality behind the Headlines

Spending Rises Swiftly as the Taylor Effect Sweeps Dublin

  • Impact of ‘Swiftonomics’ sparks 17% total rise in Dublin spending
  • Teenagers avoid a ‘Cruel Summer’ to lead the spending stakes
  • Outlay soars in record stores and on streaming sites thanks to Taylor’s tunes

After a record breaking 3-night run at the Aviva Stadium that left concert goers still trying to ‘Shake Off’ the Taylor Swift effect, the latest Bank of Ireland Spending Pulse analysing debit and credit card spending reveals the economic impact of her visit.

Analysing 27th to 30th June card spend versus the weekend before, ‘Swiftonomics’ came to Dublin in full force with teenage spending (13 – 17-year-olds) rocketing by 63%, whilst outlay amongst 18 – 25-year-olds spiked by 25% and by 30% amongst the 26 – 35 cohort. Beauty Spa spending was up 34% as ‘Swifties’ prepped and preened for their big night out, spending on Spotify streams increased by 20%, and record stores recorded a 19% spending boost.

Pub and restaurant owners weren’t scrambling to fill a ‘Blank Space’ either, as total social spending across Dublin (pubs, restaurants, fast food) rose 13% compared to the previous weekend, whilst local analysis of Dublin 1 spending revealed a 38% hike over the 4-day period as revellers flocked to the Eras Tour Official Merchandise Store in the 3Arena.

Toll fee spending across Ireland’s motorways spiked by 20% as people travelled from all four corners to see the American songstress, and a busy weekend in the nation’s capital saw outlay on taxis rise by 8% and bus lines recording a 5% increase.

Commenting on Bank of Ireland’s Taylor Swift-themed Spending Pulse, Owen Clifford, Head of Retail Sector at Bank of Ireland said: “We have witnessed the impact of ‘Swiftonomics’ across cities worldwide, and Taylor’s Eras Tour coming to Dublin was unlikely to make her an ‘Anti-Hero’ amongst business owners. A capital city event becoming the focus of national attention shows the range of her appeal, and the latest card spending insights reveal that her fans embraced the occasion and splashed out accordingly.”

“Spending in central Dublin areas boomed last weekend as Pride revellers and GAA fans also joined the party, with a 144% rise in Dublin 3 social spending catching my eye. Overall, the weekend’s festivities provide a tangible boost to a variety of sectors, and Taylor’s fans can only hope that they won’t have to wait another six years before she writes another Irish-themed ‘Love Story’.”

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