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Monday, June 10, 2024. 9:13am

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Eye of the camera

There are multiple relationships at stake when considering a hotel shoot

Firstly, getting to know the management team and their goals. Building a relationship with the people you are working with is so important. Only when you have developed a relationship with the team can you sit down and tease out the objective of the photoshoot. Perhaps you want to update your website or post on socials…or both. Don’t get me wrong some shots work for both but when it comes to websites, your imagery requires a certain formula to attract the right client for you. You are trying to stand out from the crowd in an already crowded marketplace. Always be clear about what the objective is for a shoot before commissioning a photographer. Many people forget to consider the difference between commercial photography and say wedding photography. Commercial photographers have an eye on your prize, your hotel, and your product. Remember this when you are posting images, are you showcasing your hotel in the right light?

Second, styling and staging a photoshoot requires planning. How your photoshoot is styled and staged is dependent on who your audience is. It is so important to define the demographic audience – who are you looking to attract? Our brains can discern between a well-executed, styled, and staged shot and one that is not. It is so important that the photographer and the stylist are on the same page as you; that is why consultations before your photoshoots are vital.  Think about it, when you are scrolling through your socials, what imagery do you stop at? The ones that are executed with precision and thought.  It is only when you have conducted a consultation that a check list can be developed. And behind every successful photoshoot is a good checklist, ours includes how to prepare on the run-up to the shoot, and what props you will be required so that on the day of the shoot, you are well prepared, and we can do our magic.

Finally, the most important relationship however, we believe is the one between the photographer and the property itself and that is where Colm comes in. With a love for architectural photography and a background in engineering, Colm loves shooting hotels from castles to contemporary, old and new. Colm takes the lead from the building itself. Always make sure to complement the architectural features of a building and showcase the unique style of the property. Your USP is your hotel, be sure to always have your best images at the forefront of every potential client’s mind.

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