Navigating the Challenges – Pedro Ledesma shares Insights

Monday, May 06, 2024. 10:46am
Navigatting the Challenges - Pedro Ledemassa, owner of La Vissuta Mediterranean restaurant in Tuam, Co. Galway

Navigating the Challenges – Pedro Ledesma, owner of La Vissuta Mediterranean restaurant in Tuam, Co. Galway

With closures being announced on social and digital media every day, it is undoubtedly an extremely challenging time for the hospitality industry. Barbara Collins speaks to Pedro Ledesma, the owner of La Vissuta; a Mediterranean restaurant in Tuam, Co. Galway about how he navigates the peaks and troughs.

“I open Thursday and Friday evenings in winter and longer hours on Saturday and Sunday. In summer, I also open on Wednesday evenings” says Pedro Ledesma.

“There is no point in opening at 9am on a Monday morning. You have to know your market and not just open for opening’s sake.”

That is one of the keys to La Vissuta’s success as it celebrates nearly two years in business. Another, he says, is interacting with their customers.

“I chat to them all the time” says Pedro. “I think they like to feel like they are part of the business and that is something I really enjoy about hospitality.”

Removing any barriers to purchase or booking is another important consideration.

“I realise that some people prefer cash payment and reading physical menus, but the day is coming when we will have to have QR codes for ordering on our website and I can’t emphasise enough how much traction I get from regular social media updates. Even if people don’t comment, they see posts and they register” says Pedro.

In terms of customer tastes, Pedro says he see can see clear differences. “Two women friends will have cocktails and a sharing board, whereas groups and older couples like to have their own plate of food in front of them. Portions need to be generous and I also need to offer traditional food like mashed potato and steak as well as pizza, pasta and salads. It’s all about surprising customers with new ideas while making the dining experience a good one for everyone.”

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