Ultimate Guide to Integrated Payments for Hoteliers

Thursday, April 04, 2024. 4:56pm

Guestline release their Ultimate Guide to Integrated Payments for Hoteliers

When travellers choose a hotel, they are looking for more than just a place to stay; they want to have an exceptional experience. Their criteria range from exceptional service to personalised details, unique amenities to seamless interactions.

Though intangible, the technology that sits behind a hotel operation has a significant impact on the quality of these interactions. Today’s travellers are increasingly tech-savvy and expect nothing short of seamless, personalised interactions with hotels, long before they even set foot in the lobby and well after they check out. This reality presents both a unique set of challenges as well as exciting opportunities for hotels of all sizes, especially in this bustling and competitive marketplace.

The hospitality industry is particularly susceptible to the constant need of maintaining a modern, adaptable infrastructure to fulfil the ever-changing demands of guest, ensure operational efficiency, and remain at the forefront of technological innovations.

Integrated Payments

An integrated payments solution emerges not only as an option but as an absolute necessity in the arsenal of modern hoteliers. An integrated payment strategy entails combining several components of an hotel’s infrastructure into one single system, including:

– Property Management Systems
– Self-service kiosks
– Direct booking managers
– Central hospitality management systems
– POS systems

By enhancing compatibility between these modules, the need for manual data entry is reduced, ensuring a superior guest experience while saving time on backend processes for accounting teams.

GuestPay, Guestline’s integrated payment solution, precisely caters to these requirements. Launched in 2020, GuestPay provides a simpler payment solution that combines the operational and payment systems into one centralised hub to ensure a streamlined flow of the booking and payment data into the hotel’s systems.

This integration, seamlessly executed via APIs, enables hoteliers to deliver a secure and frictionless payment experience for guests, while also facilitating real-time data updates and automating the payment process across various transaction scenarios:

– Room bookings and deposits
– Upgrades and add-ons
– Restaurant services and F&B charges
– Incidentals and other charges
– Conferencing and banqueting rental fees
– Auto-collection of no-shows and cancellation fees

GuestPay was awarded the “Most Innovative Payment Solution” recognition at the Merchant Payment Ecosystem Awards in Berlin. With GuestPay, Guestline are establishing new industry benchmarks with a first-in-class, omni-channel solution for hoteliers.

Guestline are delighted to release their ultimate guide designed to help hoteliers identify operational blind spots that could impact the guest experience.

The Ultimate Guide to Integrated Payments for Hoteliers, download here.

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