Sysco launches its own Brand Coffee, Citavo

Friday, March 31, 2023.
Sysco launches its own Brand Coffee, Citavo

Sysco Invites Customers to ‘Savour the Moment’ as it Launches Own Brand Coffee

  • Citavo is available to Sysco’s 10,000 plus customers across the Island of Ireland
  • Citavo comes in one distinct, perfectly balanced blend – Espresso Modena

Sysco, Ireland’s largest foodservice provider, has launched its own brand coffee, Citavo, extending its offering to its 10,000 plus customers across the island of Ireland.

The barista style coffee, which boasts notes of honey, dried apricot, toast and vanilla butter invites drinkers to ‘savour the moment’ and it marks Sysco’s first step in a journey to bring an extensive range of own-brand products to the Irish market. Sysco Brand products are backed by Sysco’s best-in-class quality assurance guarantee.

According to the CEO of Sysco Ireland Mark Lee, Citavo Espresso Modena, which is created by roasting the finest Arabica and Robusta beans, is a product that can rise to any coffee occasion, from the early morning pick-me up to an after-dinner coffee with friends.

“Ireland’s coffee drinkers have become ever more discerning, so we undertook a comprehensive programme of testing and tasting during the product development phase,” said Mark Lee. “Our team of Coffee specialists have been on a journey to deliver a bespoke blend, perfectly balanced in sweetness, acidity, body and flavour to create the perfect cup of coffee for any setting.  Espresso Modena is a coffee that meets the needs of all of our customers.”

The launch of  Citavo, to be followed by more Sysco Brand products, marks a significant extension to Sysco’s offering, helping to continue to accelerate sales across the island.

“We are fulfilling our ambition to provide our customers with a bespoke range of products which are unique to Sysco, offering them the very best value, underpinned by an unparalleled commitment to quality assurance and consistency across a wide range of local and international suppliers,” Mark Lee continued. “The addition of our Citavo Espresso Modena to our beverage offering marks the next step in this exciting development for the company and opportunity for our customers.”

Citavo is now available to order through Sysco Store 

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