Negative Media Attention – A Worrying Trend for Hospitality

Wednesday, March 01, 2023. 10:01pm
Negative Media Attention - A Worrying Trend in Hospitality

Once again, the hospitality industry is the subject of negative press. The opening of a high-profile Irish eatery is unfortunately the subject of questionable staff relations. A recent article in the Irish Times makes for disturbing reading. Staff were quoted alleging their treatment by management amounted to “bullying”. One waitress alleged she went to work every day with “knots” in her stomach. The level of training was also questioned. Training was, according to those interviewed in the Irish Times, a “five minute” quick introduction. Some of the staff had a number of years experience working in the sector within Ireland and alleged the combination of wages, and the atmosphere and treatment within the workplace environment, as key why reasons they left. Tips were a bone of contention. Some staff alleged they were not allowed to take coffee or water breaks and were expected to be constantly working.

The eatery in question described the allegations as “untrue” and vowed to launch an internal investigation. But the bad press alone is shocking and disappointing. At a time when the sector is trying to attract people to work in the industry, this type of report sets it back years. Maybe the lesson here is that having copious award plaques on the walls is not always a good indication of best practice in a property or a group.

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