1.8M commuters see new Ireland promotion on trams in Milan

Thursday, November 10, 2022. 2:05pm
1.8M commuters see new Ireland promotion on trams in Milan
Tram in central Milan, ‘wrapped’ in an ad for Ireland.

Inside track for Ireland in Italy!

Over 1.8 million commuters in Milan are seeing eye-catching ads for Ireland on trams operating in the city right now. It’s all part of Tourism Ireland’s latest promotion in Italy – in conjunction with Bord Bia – which aims to highlight Ireland for great holidays and great food!

The promotion will run for three weeks and is part of Tourism Ireland’s Green Button campaign – highlighting city breaks in Dublin, Cork and Belfast to Italian holidaymakers and inspiring them to put the island of Ireland on their holiday wish-list.

Marcella Ercolini, Tourism Ireland’s Manager for Italy, said: “Our latest promotion, with trams in Milan ‘wrapped’ in an ad for Ireland, will be seen by over 1.8 million commuters, or prospective Italian visitors – encouraging them to consider Dublin, Belfast or Cork for a short break. It’s a fun way of shining a spotlight on ‘Irlanda’ in Milan.

“Italy is an important market for tourism to the island of Ireland. In 2019, we welcomed 370,000 Italians visitors, whose visits delivered €183 million for the economy.”

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