Tourism Ireland leads sales blitz to the United States

Tuesday, May 17, 2022.
Tourism Ireland leads sales blitz to the west coast of the United States
Tourism companies from Ireland taking part in Tourism Ireland’s ‘Best of Ireland’ sales blitz in Westlake Village, with Ruth Moran (front, second left), Barbara Wood (front, third left), Juliet Dillon (front, fourth left), Abigail Everett (front, fifth left) and Alison Metcalfe (front, centre left), all Tourism Ireland; Christopher Brooke, Chairman of Tourism Ireland (front, centre right); and Dana Welch, Tourism Ireland (front, right).

Tourism Ireland leads sales blitz to the west coast of the United States

‘Best of Ireland’ sales mission visits Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle

Tourism Ireland, together with a delegation of 14 tourism companies from Ireland, is undertaking a sales blitz to the United States this week.

The ‘Best of Ireland’ travel trade and media blitz will see the companies from Ireland visit key cities on the west coast of the United States – Los Angeles (Westlake Village and Beverly Hills), San Francisco and Seattle. Their busy schedule includes a B2B event in each city, with the participating companies from Ireland promoting and selling their products and services to the key American decision-makers in attendance. It also includes opportunities for networking with travel and lifestyle journalists and influencers.

Alison Metcalfe, Tourism Ireland’s Head of North America, said: “This week’s ‘Best of Ireland’ sales blitz to the west coast of the US provides a really valuable opportunity to highlight ease of access to Ireland – with direct flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle – as well as what’s new and exciting around Ireland.”

The western region of the United States is important for tourism to Ireland. Holidaymakers from there represent one-fifth of all targeted US holidaymakers for Ireland. They are frequent travellers and more likely to stay longer (62% stay six+ nights vs 56% of other US visitors).

Alison Metcalfe continued: “We are rolling out our Green Button campaign in the United States right now – urging travellers to ‘press the Green Button’ and book their trip to Ireland this year. Our message is that Ireland is open for business again and we cannot wait to welcome back visitors from the United States. We’re telling prospective US visitors that a warm welcome awaits them when they travel to Ireland.”

A ‘Best of Ireland’ sales mission also took place last month, visiting Boston, New York, Washington DC and Chicago.

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