Nespresso Professional Launches Three New Coffee Varieties

Monday, July 05, 2021.
Nespresso Coffee Varieties

Nespresso Professional has announced the launch of three new coffee blends – Bianco Delicato, Bianco Intenso and Ice Intenso – all expertly crafted to meet growing demand for new and personalised taste experiences.

New coffees inspired by evolving customer preferences and crafted using innovative blending process

With research revealing that 74% of coffee drinkers regularly choose recipes with milk, Bianco Delicato and Bianco Intenso will enable HORECA and office businesses to create barista style quality milk recipes now with coffees that work in harmony with milk at simply a touch of a button – from an intense Flat White to a smooth Cappuccino or Latte.

And with summer soon approaching, Ice Intenso has been designed work expertly over ice to appeal to coffee lovers who enjoy a refreshing iced coffee, and an intense taste profile. With visits to the coffee shop being part of the weekly routine for the majority of UK consumers, these new blends will allow businesses to offer a greater selection of high quality variety’s to match coffee lovers tastes.

Understanding the alchemy

The Nespresso development team spent several years studying the interaction between coffee and milk in order to create Bianco Delicato and Bianco Intenso. “We experimented with 18 coffee origins, focusing on the techniques of roasting and grinding to perfect blends which would reveal their best flavours with milk. These same techniques were used to discover blends that are high quality when served chilled,” explains Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nespresso.

The results are two exclusive and premium coffee varieties for the Nespresso Professional line, which make a broad range of delicious recipes and are easy to create at office or a hospitality setting.

Bianco Delicato

Bianco Delicato has been designed to marry perfectly with milk in smooth and sweet recipes. The blend is predominantly composed of Kenyan Arabicas and is very lightly roasted to bring out the natural sweetness of the coffee. It reveals delicious caramel and biscuit notes when combined with milk.

Bianco Intenso

Bianco Intenso owes its unique flavour profile to the meticulous technique of split roasting. The blend, mainly Colombian Arabicas, is roasted in two contrasting ways – one part dark and the other light. When milk is added, sweet and nutty cereal notes are revealed to create an intense, yet balanced, cup of coffee with milk.

Ice Intenso

Ice Intenso mixes Peruvian and Indonesian Arabicas to offer an impactful aromatic experience and is ground in such a way as to deliver a delicious experience over ice. The blend has been expertly crafted to create the delicious harmony between coffee and ice, both with and without milk. This allows consumers to easily make and enjoy a refreshing iced coffee out of home, whatever their taste preference

Enabling your creativity

“We work closely with our out-of-home partners, whether that’s restaurants, offices or hotels, to understand the evolving preferences of their customers and employees. People increasingly expect variety and we are committed to supporting B2B customers in delivering exceptional experiences that meet these demands. We understand that coffee preferences are constantly evolving and we believe these new blends provide HORECA and office businesses a choice of innovative, high quality products to offer their customers and employees,” said Beth Langley, OOH director for Nespresso UK&ROI.

These three new coffees are part of a new permanent product category within the Nespresso Professional range. The Creations coffee range allows professionals to express their creativity by reproducing a wide variety of recipes from around the world. Alongside these three new coffees, the new creations category will also feature Nespresso’s popular flavoured blends (Espresso Caramel and Espresso Vanilla).

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