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Tuesday, February 16, 2021. 7:38pm

Mindful of the challenges facing our industry in 2021, the Catering Innovation Agency (CIA), have added to their equipment offering, to include the MIWE range of snack ovens.

Consistent with their brand and supply of “SMARTer” catering equipment, the MIWE Gusto Snack oven combines the utility of a compact combination oven with the versatility of a high-speed snack oven.

The market advantage of this range is the availability of a “self-clean” option and the fact that they operate on standard 13amp single phase, power supply.
This enables complete flexibility on positioning of the oven, which has been of great benefit to operators as trading conditions switch between take-away and off-site facilities.

The oven is perfect for both roasting and baking, even in mobile catering facilities, providing perfect results from its list of pre-programmed recipes.
Catering Innovation Agency provides a complete commercial kitchen service from design to installation and service with a focus on energy-efficient, smart technology.

Founded in 1919,MIWE have been producing specialized baking ovens from their facility in Arnstein, Germany and have developed the most sophisticated processes for product delivery. Partnership with Catering Innovation Agency ensures smooth delivery of the MIWE range through EU channels as well as service and backup training.

The Catering Innovation Agency combines fifty years of experience in the supply and installation of commercial kitchens,, showcases a proud list of clients and projects.

Contact 01 5179088, email [email protected].

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