Bunzl Rafferty launches ADVANTAGE digital solutions

Saturday, July 06, 2024. 11:26am
Bunzl Rafferty launches ADVANTAGE

Bunzl Rafferty launches ADVANTAGE

Our launch of our Advantage website marks a significant milestone in digital solutions for business management. This platform is a testament to our company’s commitment to innovation, offering a suite of digital capabilities that streamline service delivery and product accessibility. With a focus on cost control and efficient approval procedures, Advantage will transform how you can order and view your selected products all in one place.

Bunzl OpCos across the UK and Ireland have achieved remarkable success through the implementation of the Advantage platform, By revolutionising customer interactions and enhancing service benefits, the platform has set a new standard in process efficiency and cost management. This digital solution enables every account to have their own unique setup and cater to their own specific requirements.

Advantage’s national reach, coupled with its flexible delivery options and extensive product range, underscores our dedication to sustainability and customer satisfaction. The Advantage platform introduction, offers an unprecedented level of control and efficiency to every business. Embracing this innovative tool means embracing a future of smarter management and superior operational effectiveness.

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