Ashford Castle triumphs at the European Sustainable Tourism Awards with five Prestigious Honours

Wednesday, November 29, 2023. 10:47am

In a resounding triumph at the 2023 European Sustainable Tourism Awards, Ashford Castle, a historic gem nestled in Ireland and owned by Red Carnation Hotels, proudly walks away with five prestigious accolades. The 800-year-old castle’s commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism practices has earned it top honours in categories such as Best Local Gastronomy, Best Luxury Eco Accommodation, Best Sustainable Historic Hotel, Best Sustainable Pet-friendly Hotel, and Best Sustainable Accommodation in Ireland.

Organised by Quartz Inn Hotels, the awards underscore Ashford Castle’s exemplary efforts in shaping a more eco-friendly and responsible future for the tourism industry. The judging panel, comprising esteemed figures such as Francisco Rodriguez Mora, Head Chef at The Trout at Tadpole Bridge; Katie Ellam, CEO of Book Eco Hotels; Jolanta Dziewit, Director of Sustainability at; Branislava Grbic, Global Sales Manager at Rosewood Hotel Group; Roeland Verhamme, CEO & Founder at Expect Me; Lidiia Tkachenko, Director & co-founder of Quartz Inn Hotels; and Ignacio Merino, Head of Strategic Partnerships at, lauded Ashford Castle’s dedication to sustainable practices.

‘Congratulations to Ashford Castle for their outstanding success. Their unwavering commitment to sustainability exemplifies a distinguished standard for the industry, setting the stage for a more responsible and eco-friendly future.’

Jolanta Dziewit, Director of Sustainability,

Ashford Castle’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified through a comprehensive array of initiatives. Since its acquisition by Red Carnation Hotels in 2013, the castle has undergone meticulous restoration and preservation efforts, with a focus on local craftsmanship and supplier engagement.

Pioneering environmental stewardship, Ashford Castle became the first hotel in Ireland to achieve the GREENMark Plastic Smart Standard Award, eliminating single-use plastics. The castle actively supports local communities through volunteer programs, contributing over 215 hours in 2022.

Food sustainability takes center stage with on-site foraging, homegrown vegetables, and honey from estate apiaries, managed with a commitment to waste reduction through partnerships with Winnow since 2020.

Full list of winners

The complete list of winners across the 100 categories can be found on the Quartz Inn Hotels website.

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