Exploring the Future of Guest Expectations at Guestline Connect 2023

Friday, November 17, 2023. 9:41am

Always better together, better connected.

In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, where guest expectations will continue to shape the industry’s landscape, staying ahead of the curve will require seamless integration and collaboration. At the highly anticipated Guestline Connect 2023 event, (November 23rd at the Guinness Storehouse) an enlightening panel discussion, chaired by Clio O’Gara, Ireland Country Manager at Guestline, and titled “How Guest Expectations Will Change Operations in Hotels” will bring together industry experts and Guestline partners, shedding light on the power of cohesive working relationships and integrated solutions.

The Power of Partnerships: Better Together, Better Connected
The panel will feature a dynamic ensemble of Guestline partners, including Asksuite, Oaky, For-Sight, and Net Affinity. As these industry leaders converge on the stage, the resounding theme will be clear: Collaboration is key.

“Always better together, better connected” will encapsulate the essence of these partnerships and their role in hotel operations. The partners will emphasise the importance of picking the right products and working with like-minded professionals who share a common ethos of working together cohesively behind the scenes. The intimate familiarity with each other’s products and the ability to make them harmoniously interact will be a valuable asset in the competitive landscape of the future.

Shared Knowledge, Optimal Results
One of the standout advantages of these partnerships will be the shared knowledge and expertise. When two or three products seamlessly come together, magic will happen. Consider, for instance, the integration between Oaky and Guestline. This partnership enables independent hotels and hotel chains to automatically send and accept requests for personalised offers and upgrades, perfectly tailored to a guest and their needs, and bookable in just one click!

Solving Problems Behind the Scenes
Another hallmark of these collaborations is the ability to address issues behind the scenes, sparing hoteliers the headache of dealing with problems directly. This approach ensures that hotels are not left in the lurch when faced with technical challenges or integration hiccups. Instead, a well-coordinated team works diligently to resolve issues, delivering a seamless experience for both guests and hotel staff.

Guestline’s Leading Role
Guestline, as the common thread among these partnerships, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the team and products work in concert to provide the best outcomes for hoteliers. The difference between a one-way and two-way interface is profound. While it is possible to acquire various software solutions independently, the real magic happens when they are integrated into a cohesive Hotel Management Platform. This minimises human intervention, builds trust within teams, and reduces the margin for error.

Partner Insights: A Glimpse into Innovation

During the panel discussion, you’ll witness firsthand how these esteemed Guestline partners work seamlessly together to deliver exceptional results for hoteliers:

Asksuite will delve into the expansion of the world’s leading AI chatbot and its unique collaborations with Oaky and GuestRevu, elevating the guest experience to new heights.

Net Affinity will shine a spotlight on its state-of-the-art products, which include an advanced booking engine crafted to empower hoteliers to optimise revenue generation.

Oaky will put the spotlight on how its hyper-personalised upselling solution not only ensures guest satisfaction but also significantly boosts revenue, all while seamlessly integrating with Guestline.

For-Sight’s marketing and guest communication platform will demonstrate its prowess in harnessing data from Guestline and other hotel systems, creating a unified guest profile. This capability enables precision-targeted marketing campaigns and enhances guest communication.

These partnerships underscore the significance of unity in a dynamic industry. As guest expectations continue to evolve, collaboration and seamless integration will prove to be the driving forces behind operational success.

The message is clear, says Clio O’Gara, County Manager Ireland at Guestline, “Together, we are always better, and our connectivity will enhance the guest experience, one innovative solution at a time.”

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In addition, Guestline Connect Ireland promises a dynamic agenda, featuring keynote speaker Tom Mc Dermot of Agility Hospitality who will address the topic of ‘Change Management’, the event will also feature discussions on pivotal topics such as sustainability in hotels, talent management and AI’s impact on hospitality.

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