Unleash the Power: Elevate Your Business with Efficient and Reliable Energy Solutions

Monday, October 23, 2023. 12:52pm

Affordable and reliable energy is a necessity for running any successful hospitality or catering business. With the rising costs of energy bills, Calor is committed to providing the best options and value for money to its hospitality customers. Whether you have a restaurant, hotel, pub, café, or mobile catering service, Calor has the perfect gas solution for you and your customers’ needs.

Using Calor LPG can enhance guest experiences and service offerings in all aspects of your establishment. Whether you need instant hot water and heating for guests or controllable cooking and laundry services for staff, Calor LPG provides comfort and ease for everyone. This reliable energy source provides full heating and space heating solutions to keep your guests satisfied during their visit.

By using LPG, you can create a cosy, welcoming environment and is suitable for heating open-plan lobbies, guest bedrooms, dining areas, leisure centres, and swimming pools.

LPG-powered kitchen appliances will allow your culinary staff to deliver top quality cuisine while being cost effective – that is why Calor LPG is the choice of professional and amateur chefs across the country. By switching from electric to Calor for your commercial catering appliances you can reduce running costs by at least 30% for smaller appliances and up to 70%* for some combi oven models.

When it comes to keeping a busy kitchen flowing, an instant and continuous supply of hot water is a must. Calor and Rinnai have teamed up to provide continuous flow hot water heaters across a range of businesses. At the click of your fingers, Rinnai ‘A Rated’ energy efficient water heaters provide limitless hot water at the exact temperature you choose. Great for hygiene, great for health and safety, and your bottom line. No more running out of hot water at the end of service, no more angry staff being delayed, and our Rinnai solution eliminates the need for hot water storage.

From powering the kitchen to servicing large conference venues, trust Calor to deliver energy solutions that are effective and efficient for your business.

Calor also offers BioLPG, a renewable energy source that produces less carbon emissions than regular LPG. It is produced from a blend of sustainably sourced wastes and residues and renewable vegetable oils. This reliable and efficient gas can be blended with regular LPG to provide customers with a flexible range of sustainable energy solutions.

Calor understands the importance of keeping costs down where possible and therefore, there is no requirement to change existing LPG appliances when choosing to use BioLPG for your business. If your business is looking to reduce its environmental impact from oil or solid fuels, using LPG is a great place to start and will allow your business to opt for BioLPG as you continue your business’ journey towards sustainability.

In addition to all of the above Calor offer customers online account management, remote monitoring of gas supply and automatic schedule of deliveries along with dedicated customer and engineering support.

Calor have a range of free gas offers available to new and existing hospitality customers who upgrade. Contact Calor for a free consultation for your business on 01 450 5000 or visit calorgas.ie.

* Comparison based on typical electrical rate at 40c per kWh compared with average Calor bulk LPG supply at 10c per kWh.(based on typical volumes for catering applications). Calor Energy Advisor will calculate exact savings.


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