Green Cuisine and the Bean Queen: an exciting new sustainable food venture is next on the menu for renowned Cork Chef Ali Honour

Friday, October 20, 2023.

As the demand in Ireland for genuinely sustainable food systems grows, Chef Ali Honour is excited to follow her passion for healthy, nutritious and sustainable food

Ali Honour, a highly regarded chef on the Cork and Irish food scene, who has been working in the industry for 30 years, is launching an exciting new season in her career.  Already known for her commitment to cooking and creating climate conscious food menus in her own kitchens, she is now inspiring change in the wider community. 

Ali has embarked on a new mentoring, motivational and advocacy role with the aim of helping other food businesses, individuals, and community groups operate in a more sustainable way and bridge the gap between farm and fork.  

In her new consultancy, Ali will be on hand to provide practical strategies and expertise in areas such as food waste, carbon footprint, nutrition and environmental impact. Through her work as a spokesperson and advocate Ali is making it her mission to transform the culinary landscape by promoting sustainable, zero waste, nutritious, and delicious food choices that are good for people and the planet.  A self-proclaimed ‘Bean Queen’ she is already an advocate for the “Beans is How” campaign which has an aim of doubling bean consumption by 2028.

Throughout Ali’s years of running businesses and working in senior roles in the food and hospitality industry, she has always championed seasonal, Irish and zero-waste eating with an emphasis on real foods and a non processed diet, so this next chapter is an exciting opportunity to put her full focus into what can only be described as a personal lifestyle ethos and passion project.  She hopes to change mindset to food waste, sustainable thinking and nutrition importance, to help reduce food footprint and increase more plant-based eating, especially future 50 foods to our diets.

 Ali recalls “My journey to climate-conscious cooking started from an early age, with influence from my grandparents who were very self-sufficient and passed on an appreciation of the natural larder we have been gifted with protecting.”

Another big component of Ali’s food philosophy is centred around encouraging both businesses and individuals to include more beans in their daily diet, in an effort to adapt to  climate change, mitigate further damage, promote climate friendly crops, and promote sustainable eating. Increased consumption of beans not only has incredible environmental benefits in fixing nitrogen back into the soil, beans are powerhouse plant based protein and rich in fiber, they are affordable, accessible, versatile and have zero cholesterol. Additionally beans are one of the planet’s most sustainable protein sources. Beans use dramatically less water, land mass, and petroleum to grow, and they don’t pollute the planet with harmful byproducts like methane, and other greenhouse gases.

‘Bean Queen’ Ali is already an advocate for the “Beans is How” campaign – an ambitious campaign facilitated by the SDG2 Advocacy Hub – which has a vision of doubling bean consumption by 2028. As a dedicated food activist and advocate for the mighty bean, Ali is on a mission to actively help double bean consumption by 2028 and inspire positive change in the way we eat. “I take my role as a conscious climate chef incredibly seriously, with a resolute commitment to a more sustainable, nutritious, and bean-centric future. By embracing these remarkable, humble crops as day to day ingredients, we not only nourish our bodies but also contribute to positive climate action. They are also incredibly affordable, which is essential during a cost of living crisis.”  

She will also be taking the bean revolution to schools and companies with workshops on sustainable practices, zero waste, and, of course, beans! Ali will show just how beans, peas and legumes can enhance any meal through captivating cooking demonstrations, and showcasing delicious, nutritious recipes that everyone can enjoy. Keep an eye out for Ali’s pop-up bean dinner events which are soon to be announced all across Ireland doing collaborations with many well known restaurants. She also has a few exciting bean collaborations in the pipeline with Irish producers.

As a respected spokesperson and advocate, Ali also collaborates with organisations, schools, and communities to raise awareness about food waste, climate conscious food and the vital role beans play in our diets, plus the positive impacts they have on our planet. 

An active member of The Chefs’ Manifesto – a chef-led project that brings together over 1250 chefs from around the world to explore how they can actively help deliver a sustainable food system – Ali is representing the network as an agent of change at events in the UK, Ireland, Barcelona and the United Arba Emirates.. The Chefs’ Manifesto empowers chefs with a framework tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, equipping chefs with a framework consisting of simple, practical actions chefs can take, and is another area where Ali is leading and advocating for positive change. 

For more about Ali’s journey toward a more sustainable and nutritious future, details about upcoming pop-up events or collaboration opportunities, see

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