Woolow’s Bespoke King-size pillows for Hastings 5-star Hotels

Thursday, September 21, 2023. 3:43pm

Woolow has produced a bespoke order of their king-size wool pillows for two of Belfast’s five-star hotels. The Galway-based company produces wool pillows which are manufactured in Dublin.

Guests staying in the hotels’ suites will enjoy a handcrafted 100% natural wool pillow from Galway company Woolow which have been meticulously handcrafted from locally sourced wool. Galway has been the home of creator Michael Burke’s family for more than 200 years, with the idea coming from Michael receiving a wool pillow from his father as a child.

The breathability and medium firmness of these pillows provide optimal neck support and temperature regulation, enabling the body to heal and rejuvenate during the night. “We believe that a truly exceptional stay goes beyond luxurious accommodation. A restful night’s sleep is paramount to our guests’ well-being and overall experience,” said Matt McRoberts, Head of Marketing, Hastings Hotels.

Available for suite guests in both of the Hastings Group’s five-star properties in Belfast – the Culloden Estate and Spa, and Grand Central – it aims to provide unparalleled comfort and rejuvenation to enhance the overall guest experience.

Understanding the critical role of quality sleep in promoting well-being the ‘Perfect Night’s Sleep Package’ includes an array of carefully selected elements from three Irish companies including Vision Linens and I am Self Care sleep sprays.

Michael Burke, Woolow, Stephen Meldrum, General Manager, Hastings Grand Central Hotel, Belfast.

“Hastings Hotels’ commitment to sustainability and guest satisfaction shines through every aspect of this innovative sleep package. By selecting ethically sourced and environmentally conscious products, they strive to provide guests with the utmost comfort while promoting a healthier planet.”

“We are delighted that guests in The Culloden and the Grand Central can benefit from the Woolow sleep experience” says Woolow CEO, Michael Burke. “This is just the start of a wider reach into the hospitality sector.”

Hastings Perfect Night’s Sleep package, is available as a supplementary option for just £70 and also includes Hastings Hotels’ famous “Cloud Beds”, Espa bath salts to encourage restful sleep and a camomile tea turndown.

For more information about Hastings Hotels and their Perfect Night’s Sleep package, please visit www.hastingshotels.com.

For more information on Woolow, please visit www.woolow.com

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