Exciting Changes at historic Luxury Laois Property Inch House

Tuesday, August 29, 2023. 3:21pm
Exciting Changes at historic Luxury Laois Property Inch House

Exciting Changes at historic Luxury Laois Property

One of the most beautiful and historic country house properties in Co. Laois has been rebranded to reflect the marrying of tradition and long family ties with a new era for the property.

‘Inch House Ireland’ in Stradbally will now be known as ‘Fitz of Inch’, in just one of many new changes being unveiled at the stunning pre Victorian property.

The luxury period estate, which is known for its gracious elegance, will become an over 21’s destination in the Autumn, to cater for a growing sector of discerning guests who value tranquil, revitalising country escapes.

Managing Director, Michael Fitzpatrick, who is at the helm of the period venue since 2019, and whose family has owned it for several decades, says. “We are very excited about the direction ‘Fitz of Inch’ is going in. We know we have a very special gem here and we are improving it all the time, while remaining true to the integrity of the history of the property”.

“We are enjoying a very busy Summer season with nearly full capacity which is a wonderful compliment both to the property itself and our hard working and dedicated staff who are key to our success. We have developed a lovely glamping site which is proving hugely popular. It is in constant demand. People love waking up with the sounds of nature all around them, it is truly magical and really compliments the overall surroundings and the outdoor amenities we have”.

Exciting Changes at historic Luxury Laois Property Inch House

“We have ample room here; some great areas lending space, warmth and offering lots of  opportunities for the many gatherings we host here”.

“We have launched some new events that have really caught the imagination of the public  -One of these is ‘Songs By The Fire-A Magical evening of Campfire Music’ which we hold on selected Friday nights. The barns really lend themselves to these sort of casual, cosy evenings where people can relax and kick back after a week’s work. They love the fact that they can come here, soak up the atmosphere of the property, bring their own drinks and snacks and relax in a lovely setting, with good music, good friends and good craic”.

“It’s that little bit different and people really like that”.

“We have some excellent musicians in attendance over the next few weeks and months and these musical evenings are set to grow and grow”.

“People who stay with us, be they wedding parties, large groups of friends, family members or corporates who rent the entire property like the fact that they can have the run of the place. They like that they can rest and relax in comfort and privacy. We can organise events on site, we can suggest places to go and events to enjoy in Laois and provide the full service that our valued guests expect”.

Exciting Changes at historic Luxury Laois Property Inch House

“Nature has been bountiful to ‘Fitz of Inch’ and we have the beauty of the Stradbally River running in front of the property which is a fabulous backdrop and one which our guests absolutely love. We have acres of greenery and the wider country of Laois itself is a revelation for people who enjoy the outdoors. Laois really is a hidden gem, we have so much going for us in this county. We are near enough to everything, extremely accessible but away from the hustle and bustle of the big centres and people love that. People tell us that ‘Fitz of Inch’ embodies the spirt of Co. Laois – an escape, a retreat, a haven”.

“I grew up here, I absolutely love every nook and cranny of the property, it is pure bliss, and I am delighted that I can work here, provide work here and offer a truly restorative experience to the people who come to us from all over the country and the world”.

‘Fitz of Inch’ has a bright future!

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