Snapfix – Simplifying Your Hotel Maintenance & Operations

Thursday, May 25, 2023. 3:16pm
Snapfix - Simplifying Your Hotel Maintenance & Operations

Snapfix is on a mission to revolutionise the way multilingual hotel teams collaborate. Say goodbye to the hassle of WhatsApp, spreadsheets, and paper lists, and say hello to a streamlined, user-friendly platform.

With Snapfix, teams can easily streamline their operations, boost accountability, and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

One Team. One Language.

Snapfix is the #1 photo-based app and web platform, that helps hotel teams to manage everything and ensures nothing gets missed. Teams communicate and collaborate efficiently no matter the language they speak.

Unlike other hotel operations or maintenance software programs, Snapfix is photo-based. A photo speaks a thousand words, a photo speaks every language and everybody can take a photo. Plus, our cutting-edge technology enables teams to create tasks with their voice – in just three seconds – a world first !

The team at Snapfix identified the Red-Yellow-Green traffic light as the universal symbol of teamwork. When anybody spots an issue in the hotel, they simply take a photo, and it’s classified in Red; when it’s being worked on it’s Yellow; and when it’s completed it goes to Green.  This allows the team and management to see at a glance the status and progress of each task.  Simple and intuitive.

With Snapfix, the world can communicate simply and efficiently using photos, and collaborate simply and efficiently using traffic lights.

Snapfix - Simplifying Your Hotel Maintenance & Operations

One Platform. Infinite Uses.

Snapfix is a platform with infinite uses.  The most popular ways in which hotel teams get value from this all-in-one hotel operations platform are reporting and tracking maintenance, lost & found, daily fire safety walks, health & safety checks, and guest requests.

To conduct fire safety inspections, hotel teams love using the checklist and smart tag feature. Smart tags can be put all around the building and when an engineer is confirming that they were physically there they simply tap the tag with their phone and it confirms physical presence. This gives you a full audit trail of work done.

Many of Snapfix’s hotel customers also stick smart tags on small appliances in hotel rooms such as hair dryers or coffee machines to keep track of their equipment.

Snapfix - Simplifying Your Hotel Maintenance & Operations

Why You’ll Love Snapfix: Discover The Benefits.

Multilingual hotel teams all over the country, big and small, are seeing huge benefits from Snapfix. Examples of clients include the Johnstown Estate, the InterContinental, and Eccles Hotel & Spa.

Some of the many benefits our clients have referenced are

  • The platform boosts staff morale by enabling effective communication between teams.
  • It saves teams an hour a day – every day – giving staff more time to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences and earning amazing TripAdvisor reviews.
  • With its overview of business operations, Snapfix helps managers identify areas for improvement, cut costs, and increase accountability.
  • The user-friendly platform eliminates the frustration of clunky, form-based software, instead allowing teams to effortlessly document tasks with photos. Say goodbye to wasted time and missed information – there are no more “I forgot” with Snapfix!
Snapfix - Simplifying Your Hotel Maintenance & Operations

What Sets Snapfix Apart? Simplicity.

Snapfix is all about Simplicity!

In the fast-paced, detail-oriented world of hospitality, effective hotel maintenance, repairs, and staff communication can make all the difference in your hotel’s efficiency. That’s why General Managers and their teams need a reliable solution to keep everything organised and running smoothly.

With Snapfix, General Managers and their multilingual teams are up and running in just 15 minutes, without any complicated set-up or training.

The team at Snapfix have taken the best of familiar social media apps (like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram) and applied them to Snapfix. Anyone who has used popular mobile apps will be able to use Snapfix in minutes.

Eliminate the headaches of WhatsApp, spreadsheets, and paper lists. Say hello to a seamless, user-friendly platform that will revolutionise the way you get things done!

Snapfix - Simplifying Your Hotel Maintenance & Operations

To learn more about how Snapfix can help your hotel team, and to check out our Hotel Special package, visit today.

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