Leinster Regional Awards Winners 2023 Announced 

Thursday, March 30, 2023.
Leinster Regional Awards Winners 2023 Announced 

The Leinster Regional Final of Irish Restaurant Awards 2023 took place in the Killashee Hotel in Kildare on Tuesday 14th of March.  

Over 1000 restaurant and hospitality business owners and staff celebrated their hard work and achievements at the Awards Event, which saw many well-known restaurateurs of Leinster turn out to see if they had won one of the prestigious awards. 

Speaking at the Leinster Regional Awards President of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, Paul Lenehan, said; “Now in their 14th year, the Irish Restaurant Awards returns with a record breaking number of public nominations (over 130,000). This sheer number of votes highlights the support & appreciation by the general public for our hospitality sector and all who contribute to it. The Awards are an opportunity to celebrate the existing, and up and coming talent, in the sector and are a reminder that hospitality is nothing without their dedicated and passionate staff. The Awards continue to showcase the incredible food that is on offer in the cafes, hotels, pubs and restaurants of Ireland. We are delighted to be here in Limerick for the first of the Regional Events for 2023 and look forward to welcoming all winners in Leinster to the All Ireland Awards on 15th May.”   

Food outlets were nominated under the categories of Local Food Hero, Best Sustainable Practices, Best Free From, Best Emerging Irish Cuisine, Best Restaurant Manager, Best Wine Experience, Best Café, Best World Cuisine, Best Newcomer, Pub of the Year, Best Casual Dining, Best Hotel & Guesthouse Restaurant, Best Customer Service, Best Gastropub, Best Chef, and Best Restaurant and finally a new award category for 2023 Innovator of the Year. 

All of the county winners now compete for the Regional and All Ireland Titles, which will be announced at the Irish Restaurant Awards All Ireland Final on Monday 15th May in the Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road, Dublin 4. The winners on the night were: 

Local Food Hero Sponsored by The Irish Times 

  • Carlow -Paula Leyden, The Goodly Barrow  
  • Kilkenny – Mag Kiwran, Goatsbridge Trout Farm  
  • Laois – Seamus O’ Brien, The Hare’s Corner  
  • Longford -Ed McGeoy, Rustic Inn  
  • Louth – Marita Collier, Drummond House Garlic  
  • Meath -Andrew Ruiter, The Donkey Shed  
  • Offaly – The Feighery Family, Feigherys Farm  
  • Westmeath – Georgia Quealy and Daniel Linehan, Bon Chocolatiers  
  • Wexford – Nicky Cullen, Mary Barry’s Bar  
  • Wicklow – Maggie Roche, The Little Acorn Cafe   
  • Kildare – Caomhán de Brí, The Salt Project

Best Sustainable Practices Sponsored by Gas Networks Ireland  

  • Carlow -Clashganny House Restaurant  
  • Kilkenny -Truffles Restaurant   
  • Laois -Solas  
  • Longford -Fiona Egan Cloghan Farm & Cookery School  
  • Louth -Wildwood Café   
  • Meath -Zucchini’s Restaurant  
  • Offaly – Woodfield Cafe And Garden Centre   
  • Westmeath -Bastion Kitchen  
  • Wexford -Monart  
  • Wicklow -Grain Store Restaurant At Killruddery House & Gardens   
  • Kildare -The K Club

Innovator of the Year Sponsored by Diageo  

  • Carlow -Neighbourhood Espresso  
  • Kilkenny – Arán Artisan Bakery & Bistro   
  • Laois – Solas  
  • Longford – Rustic Inn 
  • Louth -Rocksalt Cafe   
  • Meath – Tribe Restaurant   
  • Offaly – Ballycommon Bakehouse  
  • Westmeath – 1810 Steakhouse  
  • Wexford -Nori  
  • Wicklow -The Big Boys  
  • Kildare – Lock 13 Gastropub & Brewpub

Free From  

  • Carlow -Cafe 500  
  • Kilkenny -The Cutting Vedge   
  • Laois – The Hare’s Corner   
  • Longford -Indian Sizzlers  
  • Louth -Strandfield Cafe Florist And Grocer   
  • Meath – Zucchini’s Restaurant   
  • Offaly – Woodfield Cafe And Garden Centre   
  • Westmeath – Spice India   
  • Wexford – Karoo Farm Shop & Cafe  
  • Wicklow – Vital Health Cafe  
  • Kildare – Avenue Cafe, Restaurant & Bar

Best Emerging Irish Cuisine Sponsored by FBD Insurance 

  • Carlow – The Goodly Barrow   
  • Kilkenny -Nóinín   
  • Laois -Ballyfin Demesne  
  • Longford -Mac Shack Keena  
  • Louth – Square Restaurant Townparks  
  • Meath -Inside Out  
  • Offaly – Fallons Bar   
  • Westmeath -Thyme Restaurant  
  • Wexford -Table Forty One  
  • Wicklow – Grain Store Restaurant At Killruddery House & Gardens  
  • Kildare -Dubh

Best Restaurant Manager Sponsored by Halcyon Group 

  • Carlow – Stephanie Stone, Sha-Roe Bistro  
  • Kilkenny -Aga Kubinska, Lady Helen Restaurant At Mount Juliet Estate   
  • Laois – Niall Treacy, Treacy’s  
  • Longford – Shiva Bhargav, Indian Sizzler   
  • Louth -Emily Carton, The Smugglers Rest   
  • Meath -Lareina Quigley, The Vanilla Pod Restaurant At Headfort Arms Hotel   
  • Offaly – Sherry Wilawan, Chanapa Thai   
  • Westmeath -Garry Hughes, The Fatted Calf   
  • Wexford -Manuel Zoppetti, One Hundred Degrees   
  • Wicklow -Jay Johance, Pink Salt  
  • Kildare -Paul Clarke, Ballymore Inn

Best Wine Experience Sponsored by Bibendum Ireland 

  • Carlow -Mimosa   
  • Kilkenny -Ristorante Rinuccini  
  • Laois -Batonis  
  • Longford – Aubergine Nua  
  • Louth -D’vine Bistro & Tapas Bar   
  • Meath -The Winery  
  • Offaly -Browne’s Bistro  
  • Westmeath -Fine   
  • Wexford -Greenarces  
  • Wicklow -Ripasso Restaurant & Winebar  
  • Kildare – Nest Wine and Coffee

Best Café Sponsored by Illy 

  • Carlow -CIBO Café   
  • Kilkenny -Cafe La Coco  
  • Laois –Get StuffeD – Coffee Shop and Homemade Food @ The Storeyard    
  • Longford -Moments Cafe & Restaurant  
  • Louth -Rocksalt Café  
  • Meath -Room8  
  • Offaly -Meet and Fit  
  • Westmeath -Fine  
  • Wexford -O’Hana Cafe  
  • Wicklow -Hollywood Cafe  
  • Kildare -Willow and Wild

Best World Cuisine Sponsored by San Pellegrino 

  • Carlow -Pimento   
  • Kilkenny -Aroi Asian Fusion Restaurant   
  • Laois -Mayur Indian Restaurant   
  • Longford -Spice India  
  • Louth -Sally Cinnamons Bar   
  • Meath -Cinnamon Garden Restaurant  
  • Offaly -Sanjay Kitchen  
  • Westmeath – Bacchus  
  • Wexford -Mi Asian Streetfood  
  • Wicklow – Chakra by Jaipur  
  • Kildare -Lemongrass Naas

Best Newcomer Sponsored by Square 

  • Carlow -Waterlilies   
  • Kilkenny -Nóinín   
  • Laois -Notions   
  • Longford -The Bailey Cafe   
  • Louth -Stack’d Coffee  
  • Meath -Gourmet Food Parlour  
  • Offaly – Old Warehouse  
  • Westmeath -Stairwell   
  • Wexford -CDMX  
  • Wicklow -Zenobia  
  • Kildare -The Alumni Kitchen

Pub of the Year Sponsored by Peroni 

  • Carlow -Ewings   
  • Kilkenny -Cleeres  
  • Laois -The Thatch Pub  
  • Longford -Duignan’s Tallyho  
  • Louth -Russell’s Saloon   
  • Meath – James Griffin Pub   
  • Offaly -Hough’s  
  • Westmeath -Egan’s  
  • Wexford -T Morris Bar  
  • Wicklow -O’Keeffe’s Pub  
  • Kildare -JJ Mahons

Best Casual Dining Sponsored by Musgrave Marketplace 

  • Carlow -The Railway House   
  • Kilkenny -Arán Artisan Bakery & Bistro  
  • Laois -Treacy’s  
  • Longford -Vocellas  
  • Louth -The Spotted Dog   
  • Meath -The Central Navan  
  • Offaly -Browne’s Bistro  
  • Westmeath -Cornerhouse Bistro  
  • Wexford -One Hundred Degrees  
  • Wicklow -Grangecon Kitchen  
  • Kildare – Silken Thomas

Best Hotel & Guesthouse Restaurant Sponsored By Frylite 

  • Carlow -The Cellar Restaurant At Step House Hotel   
  • Kilkenny -Lady Helen Restaurant At Mount Juliet Estate   
  • Laois -Ballyfin Demesne  
  • Longford -The Richmond Inn  
  • Louth -The Bay Tree Restaurant & Guesthouse  
  • Meath -The Vanilla Pod Restaurant At Headfort Arms Hotel Townparks  
  • Offaly -The Dungeon Bar At Kinnitty Castle Hotel  
  • Westmeath -The Shamrock Lodge  
  • Wexford -Aldridge Lodge  
  • Wicklow -Hunter’s Hotel  
  • Kildare -Carton House

Best Customer Service Sponsored Restaurant-Insurance.ie Provided by Dolmen 

  • Carlow -Clashganny House Restaurant  
  • Kilkenny -Butcher Restaurant  
  • Laois -Kelly’s Steakhouse  
  • Longford -The Bailey Cafe  
  • Louth -Dooleys Of Edmondstown  
  • Meath -Cinnamon Garden Restaurant  
  • Offaly -The Foxy Bean   
  • Westmeath -Kafe U   
  • Wexford -Ashdown Park Hotel  
  • Wicklow -Daata  
  • Kildare -Saba Kildare Village

Best Gastro Pub Sponsored by Worldpay from FIS 

  • Carlow -Teach Dolmain  
  • Kilkenny -The Left Bank  
  • Laois -O’Gormans  
  • Longford -PVs  
  • Louth -The Trinity Quarter  
  • Meath -The Lime Kiln Gastropub   
  • Offaly -Hennessy’s  
  • Westmeath -The Shack   
  • Wexford -Mary Barry’s Bar  
  • Wicklow -The Hollywood Inn  
  • Kildare -Hartes Of Kildare

Best Chef Sponsored by BWG Foodservice 

  • Carlow -Alan Foley, The Cellar Restaurant At Step House Hotel   
  • Kilkenny -Keith Boyle, Restaurant Lady Anne  
  • Laois -Paolo Puddu, Batonis  
  • Longford -Satish Jothi, Aubergine Nua  
  • Louth -Ronan Lawless, The Clermont  
  • Meath -Paul McCullagh, Zucchini’s Restaurant   
  • Offaly -Sanjay Vishwakarma, Sanjay’s Kitchen   
  • Westmeath -John Coffey, Thyme Restaurant   
  • Wexford -Chris Fullam, The Sea Rooms @ Kelly’s Resort  
  • Wicklow -Angela Papakonstantinou, Grangecon Kitchen  
  • Kildare -Gareth Naughton, Neighbourhood

Best Restaurant Sponsored by San Miguel 

  • Carlow -Sha-Roe Bistro   
  • Kilkenny -Campagne  
  • Laois -Batonis  
  • Longford -Tus Nua  
  • Louth  -Square Restaurant  
  • Meath -Brabazon Restaurant At Tankardstown House   
  • Offaly -The Blue Apron Restaurant  
  • Westmeath -Thyme Restaurant  
  • Wexford -La Cote  
  • Wicklow -Chakra by Jaipur  
  • Kildare – Vie De Chateaux

Sponsors of this Year’s Irish Restaurant Awards: 

  • Avonmore  
  • Bibendum Ireland  
  • BWG Foodservice  
  • Diageo   
  • FBD Insurance  
  • Frylite  
  • Gas Networks Ireland  
  • Halcyon Group  
  • Illy  
  • IMRO  
  • Irish Times  
  • Monin  
  • Musgrave Marketplace  
  • Peninsula  
  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro  
  • Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet   
  • Restaurant-insurance.ie provided by Dolmen   
  • San Miguel   
  • San Pellegrino  
  • Square  
  • Wild Irish Game  
  • Worldpay from FIS

More information on the Irish Restaurant Awards: https://irishrestaurantawards.com/faqs/ 

Official Photographs from the Leinster Regional Awards:  https://irishrestaurantawards.com/official-photos-leinster-regional-awards-2023/

All Images Credit: Paul Sherwood 

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Phone: (01)6779901 

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