What Next for Food Delivery Companies that Disrupt Workers’ Rights?

Wednesday, March 01, 2023.
What Next for Food Delivery Companies that Disrupt Workers’ Rights?
Adrian Cummins | CEO of the RAI (Restaurants Association of Ireland)

In advance of the recent Champions Cup final-round clash between Leinster and Racing 92, food delivery company Just Eat announced the generous donation of some €50,000 to allow companies change over from plastic-coated food packaging to food- safe packaging that uses seaweed instead of micro-plastic.

It’s a great corporate partnership that spans national borders and involves Leinster Rugby, British seaweed packaging company Notpla and the well-known British-based food delivery company Just Eat.

The likes of Deliveroo and Just Eat have become familiar sights on our streets and there seems to be a lot of love for these companies amongst the paying, eating public. They were the ones that kept us all fed during the Pandemic period when Government policy forced restaurants to shut their doors to the public. Even now, after the Lockdown has been unlocked, they seem to providing a great service to this little nation and to many others.This latest act of generosity and awareness of the global environment just affirms this mutual affection.

While they’re enjoying the top-class delivery service and not having to prepare their own food, few people care to look behind the façade of the companies they’re supporting. If they did, they might get slight indigestion at the way in which they operate, which doesn’t appear to be quite as caring or as diligent as the carefully-groomed front-facing image.

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