Belfast named one of UK’s cheapest staycation destinations

Monday, February 20, 2023.
Belfast named one of UK’s cheapest staycation destinations at £652 per weekend

Belfast named one of UK’s cheapest staycation destinations at £652 per weekend

  • A weekend break in Belfast is one of the cheapest staycations for couples in the UK – but it’ll still cost at least £652 to visit, new research reveals
  • The weekend break prices take into account the cost of accommodation, local transport, food and drink, and leisure activities in each UK city 
  • Couples can’t get away for less than £500 this spring, with Leicester named the cheapest destination with a weekend rate of £572
  • Accommodation is the biggest expense in Belfast, as the average hotel costs £77 a night, whilst an Airbnb is priced at £100 per night

New findings have revealed that couples looking to enjoy a staycation this spring can get some of the best value for money in Belfast – but will have to pay at least £650 to visit.

The research, conducted by travel experts Jersey Island Holidays, collated Airbnb and hotel rates, meal and drink prices, local transport fees, taxi fares and leisure activity costs for each city, to identify how much it currently costs for a weekend break in the UK. 

And – despite the analysis including money-saving options like monthly public transport passes and fast food lunches – a weekend staycation will set you back at least £500. 

The analysis found that when two nights of accommodation, restaurant meals, fast food lunches, taxi rides, public transport and a cinema/theatre excursion are taken into account, the cheapest city to visit right now is Leicester – but it’ll still cost you £572 to do so. 

Surprisingly, Belfast was amongst one of the cheapest staycation destinations with a weekend rate of £652 – although this doesn’t take into account flights or a ferry. 

The biggest expense for those looking to visit Belfast is lodgings, with a hotel costing £77, and an Airbnb priced at an average of £100 per night – but luckily, accommodation is significantly cheaper in Belfast than in other areas, such as Glasgow or York.

Also amongst the cheapest destinations are Leicester (£572), Coventry (£581), Cardiff (£588) and Northampton (£592), with no city costing less than £500 per trip. 

In reality, holidaymakers need to be budgeting at least £700 when planning their staycation, as the data reveals that the average UK city costs £715 to visit – with London coming out as the most expensive destination for a weekend break at £1,230.

The price rises further if there are more than two people planning to get away, with a family of four expected to shell out an additional £130 on just food and drinks alone. 

It also doesn’t take into account additional costs associated with getting away, such as travel to/from the city destination, additional leisure activities or excursions, or boozy nights out.

These figures may scupper some Brits’ spring holiday plans, as – despite anticipating a surge in staycation bookings from those looking to save money – it turns out a trip across the channel could well be cheaper than staying in the UK. 

They may have to reevaluate further if planning to go away during the summer holidays as opposed to spring, with prices peaking over the warmer months due to increased demand.

Top 10 cheapest cities for a weekend break this spring.

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