Tourism Ireland leads sales mission to Australia and New Zealand

Friday, February 17, 2023. 5:12pm
Tourism Ireland leads sales mission to Australia and New Zealand
Tourism companies from Ireland participating in Tourism Ireland’s 2023 sales mission to Australia and New Zealand, with Sofia Hansson (second left) and Alison Metcalfe (fourth left), both Tourism Ireland, in Sydney.

Tourism Ireland’s sales mission visits Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland

After three years of virtual events, Tourism Ireland’s first in-person sales mission to Australia and New Zealand since before the pandemic is taking place this week.

Tourism Ireland, together with nine (9) tourism companies from Ireland, is undertaking the ten-day sales blitz which will visit Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.

The sales mission will involve the companies from Ireland meeting, and doing business with, hundreds of influential travel agents, tour operators, airlines and travel journalists through a series of workshops and networking events. The aim is to engage with travel professionals in the four cities who are currently selling Ireland, or who have good potential to sell the destination in the future – and to encourage them to extend their Ireland offering, or to include Ireland for the first time, in their brochures and programmes.

Sofia Hansson, Tourism Ireland’s Manager Australia and New Zealand, said: “Our sales mission is an important element of our programme of activity in Australia and New Zealand this year – to highlight the many things to see and do, and all that is new and exciting, on a holiday in Ireland. It gives our tourism partners from Ireland an excellent platform to inform and influence the travel professionals they meet about what Ireland has to offer and, importantly, to encourage them to include the destination in their future brochures and programmes.”

In 2019, we welcomed 252,000 visitors from Australia and New Zealand to the island of Ireland, whose visits delivered €245 million for the economy.

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