Jenny De Saulles is Fáilte Ireland’s Director of Sector Development

Thursday, January 05, 2023.
Jenny De Saulles is Fáilte Ireland’s Director of Sector Development

As the National Tourism Development Authority, Fáilte Ireland’s priority is supporting Ireland’s tourism businesses to survive and grow. We have developed an extensive range of initiatives and business supports to address some of the greatest challenges facing the industry right now from managing rising operating costs, driving demand and empowering the industry to contribute to national commitments on sustainable development and climate action.

Recognising the current energy management challenges, Fáilte Ireland has recently staged a series of practical in-person workshops to immediately support tourism businesses to understand and reduce their energy costs. These are helping businesses to review their energy use in detail from their bill and identify the priority areas where they may reduce consumption and costs.

As well as cost pressures, there’s no doubt the staffing and skills shortages experienced by the tourism and hospitality industry over the last year has been one of the main barriers to the sector’s recovery.  

Although this is a challenge that has come to the forefront of the industry’s agenda in recent times, the tourism industry faced a particular set of employment challenges in attracting and retaining talent even before the onset of the Covid19 pandemic. The closure of the sector during Covid19 exacerbated these challenges and ultimately, the challenges facing our industry’s labour market will continue to evolve.  We need to collectively find a way to ensure that tourism is recognised as a rewarding workplace that can attract and retain the talent we need to recover and grow into the future. 

As an industry that is people-centric, being able to attract and build a talented workforce is the cornerstone of our industry’s future prosperity. 

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