Electric Vehicle Charging, the Key to Attracting More Guests

Tuesday, July 19, 2022. 12:17pm
Electric Vehicle Charging, the Key to Attracting More Guests

Hotels, restaurants and accommodation providers know that new ways of attracting more customers and growing their business are vital and not always easy. With the increase of Electric Vehicles (EVs) on our roads and the ban of new sales of petrol and diesel cars in 2030, EV chargers at your location can offer lots of benefits to your business. 

EasyGo, Ireland’s largest privately owned EV charging network with over 25,000 local EV drivers subscribed to their app and more than 1,000 charging points installed across Ireland, have partnered with many hotels to provide and install various powered EV charging solutions.

Attract more guests

EV owners are much more likely to choose places that provide chargers when deciding where to stay or visit, and accommodation websites such as Booking.com and Expedia, now have filters to only search and show hotels where guests can charge their vehicles.

Having EV charge points installed and on a popular network like EasyGo can also lead to:

  • More / repeat business
  • Attracting more local customers
  • Increased corporate clients
  • Additional tourist bookings

Ahead of the Curve

EasyGo is the only app where drivers can see and use EasyGo, ESB and Ionity chargers all in one place on their mobile phone.  Therefore, having EV chargers installed on your site will quite literally put you on the map as a place to stop

Electric Vehicle Charging, the Key to Attracting More Guests

From a tourist point of view, leading car rental companies such as Hertz have announced they are moving their fleets to EVs.

These tourists and visitors are likely to only stop and stay in places where they can charge their electric vehicle. Installing EV chargers now will help you stay ahead of the curve and future-proof your business. It’s simple to scale up as demand increases which is what Mount Juliet Estate in Kilkenny have done; starting with a dual 22kW AC charger in 2020 and recently adding a DC fast charger which EasyGo installed ahead of the 2022 Irish Open.

Complete Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

You can rely on EasyGo to manage and maintain your public charging station equipment, from installation and payment collection to maintenance and aftercare with 24/7 support included. 

Some of the hotel partners with EV chargers on the EasyGo network include:

• iNua Group
• Dalata Group
• Mount Juliet
• Lyrath Hotel
• River Lee Hotel

• Adare Manor
• Talbot Collection
• MHL Group
• Montenotte, Cork
• Park Hotel Kenmare

Electric Vehicle Charging, the Key to Attracting More Guests

Act Now

Now is the time for hotels and restaurants to make their businesses destinations for the growing number of EV drivers on our roads, giving them a competitive edge. EV chargers will help attract more visitors who in turn are likely to spend more, allowing you to generate additional revenue and increase your sustainability and eco-friendly credentials.

If you would like an EV charger installed in your location for public use, contact the team at EasyGo in their Dublin or Belfast offices for more details and to arrange a tailored proposal and survey. 

Ireland: www.easygo.ie Tel: 01 25 444 56

Northern Ireland: www.easygo.co.uk Tel: 028 9099 7734

Or email: [email protected]

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