Rugged Lane – Dublin’s Newest Go-To Dining Experience Opens Soon

Saturday, June 04, 2022. 1:11pm
Rugged Lane - Dublin’s Newest Go-To Dining Experience

Rugged Lane – Dublin’s Newest Go-To Dining Experience

The restaurant scene in Dublin is thriving and Rugged Lane, a brand new 55-seater concept restaurant located within the impeccable surrounds of Luttrellstown Castle Resort, is due to open on July 1st with bookings available from June 15th.

Named after the lane which forms the perimeter stone wall of the Luttrellstown demesne where you will find the gatehouse known as ‘Hogan’s Lodge’, Rugged Lane will set the standard for local dining in Dublin 15 and will be open to the public and members alike.

The new restaurant, which has been completely redesigned and refurbished for a New York vibe, will be independently run and led by an exciting team of talented chefs including Head Chef Sue Lacey. Sustainability features as a core value and by using locally produced, fresh and seasonal ingredients, the team will strive for a zero-waste kitchen.

Providing a comfortable place to dine with friends and family and a perfect night out for those seeking a memorable dining experience, Rugged Lane will offer a contemporary 6-course tasting menu of Irish cuisine where seasonality and quality are first and foremost.

Reservations are encouraged and all dietary requirements including vegan and coeliac will be catered for. Rugged Lane will be open Thursday – Saturday for dinner and for Sunday lunch.

Whether you’re looking for a fun night out with the girls, a date night with your other half, a family lunch or entertaining clients, Rugged Lane offers everything you need.

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