Mia Shepherd, The Great Resignation – What can we do?

Wednesday, March 30, 2022.
The Great Resignation – What can we do?

The Great Resignation – What can we do?

The current recruitment market is so competitive, not just within our sector, but across the board, making it even harder to attract and retain employees within hospitality.

Following on from the impact of the pandemic, having to recruit in a competitive environment and “on board” new team members, with the minimum amount of disruption for other colleagues or upon the service delivery for our customers, has become a huge challenge!

Those “hard to fill” roles, at the lower end of the pay scale are increasingly unattractive to candidates as similar or higher pay rates in other industries are making these jobs more appealing to them now. The abundancy of these opportunities has meant that record numbers of employees are considering leaving their jobs.

We spoke with Mia Shepherd of HSF health plan about the increased numbers of employers turning to them to provide employee benefits, providing them with the differentiator when it comes to recruiting new employees.

Mia explained, “Alongside hybrid working, organisational purpose and culture, employee benefits are becoming increasingly important to candidates. More and more of our customers are funding our health cash plans on their employees’ behalf.

For those with a limited budget, our low cost, HSF Assist service which includes telephone and virtual GP, private prescription service, emotional wellbeing and counselling and legal advice line has become increasingly in demand as employees expect their employers to be invested in their wellbeing. Being able to consult with a GP over the telephone or digitally, and claim back for dental and optical costs can save, or put “money back into their pockets” providing the employer with a high profile and valued employee benefit.”

The Great Resignation – What can we do?

Given the demands of our industry, employees have often found it difficult to see a GP, and we know that there is enormous pressure on the health service at the moment, with long waiting times for specialist consultation, for example.

As we search for ways to attract employees back into the sector and retain those we have, small investments could make a difference.

In Ireland HSF health plan Ltd is authorised and regulated as a Third Country Branch by the Central Bank of Ireland

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