Dining Week – Promoting Restaurants to 1 Million Customers!

Friday, February 25, 2022. 2:40pm
Dining Week – promoting restaurants to 1 million customers!

Dining Week – Promoting Restaurants to 1 Million Customers 19th to 28th April 2022

Dining Week in April 2022 will launch a new platform ‘Early Table’ and give a much needed boost to the restaurant sector as it emerges from two years of lockdowns. Dining Week will be a nationwide event, supported by the Restaurants Association of Ireland, and Failte Ireland, with over 400 restaurants expected to take part.  Diners, booking via the Early Table platform, will receive a 25% discount on their food, filling tables that would otherwise sit idle. Restaurants load tables onto the Early Table according to how many extra customers they want to attract on that given day or night. Through a comprehensive marketing and PR programme, Dining Week will be promoted to over 1 million potential diners, across media, broadcast and online.

When: Tuesday 19th to Thursday 28th of April

The Cost: It’s free to list your restaurant and there are no commission fees

Your Offer: 25% off food only, drinks charged at full price

The Bonus: All Dining Week restaurants can stay featured on Early Table platform year round, free of charge.

To participate in Dining Week, contact: Clinton White on 087 765 4155 or email: [email protected]

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