The Address Collective Wins a Silver award for Environmental Management

Thursday, February 10, 2022. 5:06pm
The Address Collective Wins a Silver award for Environmental Management

Following a major review of operational standards, The Address Collective has achieved the Silver award for Environmental Management in Dublin and Cork

The Address Collective has traditionally supported local suppliers, worked closely with the community within which it operates and managing its energy, waste and water consumption though efficient systems and operating procedures.

The Hotel is committed to the pursuit an ideal where they can deliver on comfort, luxury and making memories in a way that is more sustainable for our planet. Placing this as a core value of the brand the Hotel set about implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) into the business, which would provide a framework to measure, manage and progress this ideal. The Hotel names this initiative “Think Green | Act Green” and has three key pillars upon which it pursues its ideas: People, Community and Planet.

In August of 2020 the Hotels partnered with Green Hospitality Ireland (Irelands leading EMS accreditation body) and set about embedding this framework into its operations. In January 2021 the framework had been firmly put in place, and the Hotel was awarded the Eco-Label Certification which is an internationally recognized standard for the Hospitality Industry.

With the platform for progress now in place the Hotel set about achieving Silver Accreditation, a standard that only a handful of Irish Hotels have achieved to date.

The Address Collective Wins a Silver award for Environmental Management

Brian and Ciara McGettigan, of the Irish family owned McGettigan Hotel Group are the owners of The Address Collective Hotel group.

Brian McGettigan said, “We are very proud of this achievement. As a business we have always tried to do the right thing in supporting local producers, working with local community groups and various initiatives that we feel can make a difference. As a hospitality business it is a priority to manage our costs and so energy, waste and water have always been in focus. However, our Think Green | Act Green framework has enabled us to really bring ESG into focus as a team where we all take responsibility and have a part to play”

Examples of some of the initiatives implemented at the hotel that have brought about 


  • Sourcing 100% of electricity from renewable sources
  • Giving guests information in their bedrooms on how they reduce their energy consumption when staying in the Hotel
  • Auditing of all heavy energy consuming machinery to ensure high efficiency ratings including the installation of a new state of the art heating and cooling system that reduces energy consumption significantly.
  • Ensuring that over 90% of lighting in the building is A-Rated low energy
  • Minimising heat loss in the building through insulation
  • Installed solar panels on the roof of the building to provide clean electricity


  • Giving guests the facility to separate their waste in the bedrooms to reduce the level of waste going to landfill
  • Ensuring all straws in the hotel are paper based and bio-degradable
  • Moving to 100% compostable disposable coffee cups while offering a “Keepie Cup” to regular corporate guests
  • Measuring food waste per diner in McGettigans Cookhouse and setting KPI’s to reduce the level of waste being generated
  • Filtering mains water for guest bedrooms to avoid unnecessary plastic and glass bottles


  • Harvesting rainwater to provide water to plants and homegrown herbs
  • In room information for gests on how to reduce their water consumption in the hotel
  • Ensuring that water closets and urinals are efficient and used in line with demand


Working with three charity partners across the group and really engage with them to partake in a variety of initiatives throughout the year.

  • Barnardos
    • Focus Ireland
    • Penny Dinner


  • 50 Mile Menu: Engineering menus to ensure at least 8 dishes are made form ingredients that are sourced within 50 miles of the Hotel
  • Putting in place a purchasing policy where suppliers are aware of our commitments and goals and actively working with them to reduce packaging, remove single use plastics and source from local suppliers
  • Artwork in the hotel has been sourced by Irish Artists
  • All tea and coffee is fair trade and sourced from Irish suppliers
  • Craft beers are a specialty in the Hotels award winning McGettigans Cookhouse

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