McDonald’s Announces Launch Date of McPlant New Plant-Based Burger

Thursday, September 09, 2021.
McDonald's Announces the Launch Date of McPlant a New Plant-Based Burger for Everyone

McDonald’s Announces the Launch Date of McPlant a New Plant-Based Burger for Everyone

  • New McPlant features an impressive build including a delicious plant-based patty, bespoke vegan cheese and vegan sandwich sauce
  • McDonald’s is confident the menu item will appeal to all burger lovers
  • The McPlant burger will be rolled out nationwide in early 2022

McDonald’s Ireland has announced the official launch date for its first ever plant-based burger – the McPlant. The new burger, available in Ireland from January 2022, delivers the same great taste experience you would expect from a McDonald’s burger, whilst enabling customers to choose a plant-based menu option.

McDonald’s UK and Ireland has spent three years on research and development to bring a delicious plant-based offering to Irish customers, and every element of the McPlant was designed with taste and quality top-of-mind – from the plant-based patty co-developed with Beyond Meat®, to innovative vegan cheese based on pea protein that tastes just like McDonald’s iconic cheese slices, and a new vegan sauce.

Ireland will be the latest market to introduce the McPlant plant-based burger since McDonald’s officially unveiled its global McPlant platform in 2020. Based on feedback and expectations from local customers, the Irish version of the McPlant is fully accredited as vegan by the Vegetarian Society to ensure it meets the highest vegan standards.

McDonald's Announces the Launch Date of McPlant

The impressive McPlant features a Vegan Sesame Bun, Mustard, Ketchup, Vegan Sauce, Fresh Onion, Pickles, Lettuce, Tomato and Vegan Cheese. It is cooked separately from other McDonald’s burgers and sandwiches using dedicated utensils.

Michelle Graham-Clare, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s UK and Ireland said: “We’re so pleased to be finally launching McPlant in the UK and Ireland. As with every McDonald’s offering, we take our time to ensure it meets the highest standards and is something that all our customers will enjoy. We are always looking for different ways to innovate and meet our customers’ needs, and with McPlant we have a delicious plant-based burger that will appeal to everyone. Whether you’re vegan or just fancy a plant-based patty, we’re confident you will enjoy the McPlant.”

McPlant will be available in McDonald’s nationwide from January 2022.

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