The Chef Supper Club Launches First Session in ‘Potions’ Series

Thursday, September 02, 2021. 7:18pm
The Chef Supper Club Potions Series

The Chef Supper Club Launches First Session in ‘Potions’ Series

Dirk Niepoort Announced as One of the Many Collaborators That Will Join Cathryn Bell in her ‘Potions’ Series

The Chef Supper Club ‘Potions’ Series Will Only Have 60 Places Available!, Sommelier, Cathryn Bell will the host of the first of the chef supper club’s ‘potions’ series which will commence on September 23rd and run every Thursday for six weeks. This virtual cinematic wine series features exceptional wines, some of which have been sourced and brought into Ireland exclusively for the chef supper club.

Speaking about her upcoming session with Dirk Niepoort which will take place on the first week of the series, in a session called “The Gamechangers” (23rd September), Cathryn said: “He is a living legend and it is with great honour and delight that I can say that not only has Dirk given his time to personally collaborate with me on this session, but he has also sent 60 bottles of the wine of his own choosing to exemplify his life’s work, especially for this ‘potions’ series.”

“potions” isn’t a wine course like you have ever tried before, this is more a global expedition through today’s world of wine in conjunction with some of the world’s greatest winemakers and viticulturists as our personal guides, which has enabled us to secure very special wines to help tell their stories”.

Some of these wines have never been available in Ireland before or one or two featured wines were only ever available in very limited restaurant allocations, so this is an experience not to be missed and there are only 60 places available.

The platform of the chef supper club allows these stories to be transmitted in an interactive and engaging way, with close collaboration with the protagonists of the stories themselves. Each episode will be presented in a mixed format of live tastings, interactive aspects, along with food pairing suggestions and stories direct from some of wine’s “living legends” . The wine course set out by Cathryn explores the wider context of wine, an unravelling of the stories, the threads of influence, the impact, the context of wine, these stories are still happening in real time, but now we get to be a part of it.

The course will be broken up over six weeks as follows;

Week 1 the game changers September 23rd

A focus on two winemakers whose influence has changed the landscape of the modern wine world

Week 2 the guardians September 30th

Winemakers and viticulturists who are protecting and rejuvenating their winemaking heritage, salvaging old vineyards and traditions and securing these wine legacies for generations to come

Week 3 the mavericks October 7th

The winemakers marching to the beat of their own drum

Week 4 the diaspora October 14th

Grapes away from home – wines that showcase the expression of grapes in unexpected places

Week 5 the ones to watch October 21st

A look at the winemakers who are making waves today

Week 6 the new wave October 28th

Winemakers at the front of new expressions of old ways

The six week course includes 12 bottles (some that have never been in Ireland before), tasting notes, and six live sessions with Cathryn Bell and will run from Thursday 23rd September to October 28th. There will only be 60 places on this course due to the unique wines you will be tasting in this exciting series. Price for Cathryn Bell’s ‘potions’ is €650 for the six weeks.

For further information, interviews with Cathryn, imagery of Cathryn, etc., please contact Ann-Marie Sheehan T : 087 298 5569 or E : [email protected].

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