Deferred reopening cuts restaurant orders to suppliers by over 30%

Tuesday, July 13, 2021. 12:04pm

Deferred Reopening Cuts Restaurant Orders to Suppliers by Over 30% 

Suppliers sitting on stockpile of goods in a sector which employs 150k. Items per order down 35% with next day items affected by poor weather and delayed opening

Unify Ordering, the app that connects buyers and suppliers in the food and drinks industry, is showing that supplier orders are down over 30% due to recent bad weather impacting Ireland’s outdoor dining and delayed reopening.

Unify Ordering has over 2,000 suppliers and restaurant customers on its ordering platform and CEO and co-founder, Barry McNerney, said, “The vast majority of orders on Unify are for the next day or for the day after so we haven’t seen a huge amount of cancelled orders due to delayed reopening, however, talking to suppliers, who have to pre-order goods ahead of any market demand – they are sitting on stockpiles of goods.”

According to the platform data, comparing the month of June to the first week of July, overall order numbers are down by 15% with items per order are down by 35%.

In monetary terms, Unify Ordering processed on average €1.5 million in orders every week in June but because of a drop in order volume and order size, it has been closer to €1 million for the first week of July.

Unify Ordering was born out of Barry McNerney’s own experience in the restaurant industry as owner of Lotts & Co., Paulie’s Pizza, and Junior’s Deli and Cafe, he added, “As a restaurant owner, we were able to adapt plans quickly enough in response to the delayed opening but suppliers are often overlooked in the conversation and, in some instances, are harder hit than the restaurants they supply. Suppliers will have ordered further in advance to meet restaurant reopening demand.”

Looking at this data, the government gave sufficient notice to prevent restaurants from having to carry un-needed stock but the same cannot be said for suppliers, especially drink suppliers who have a longer lead-in time for orders. 

Unify Ordering is connecting the industry’s leading suppliers with buyers including Conaty, Vernon Catering, Larousse, Toonsbridge, Italicatessen, Caterway, Variety Jones, Meltdown, Variety Jones, Farmer Brown’s, Happy Out, Market Lane, Tang, and Sprout and Co. .

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