Nespresso Launches NEW Touchless Functionalities for Nespresso Momento Range

Monday, July 05, 2021.
Nespresso Momento eco- system

Nespresso Launches NEW Touchless Functionalities for Nespresso Momento Range

Nespresso Momento adds touchless innovations for exceptional coffee moments with peace of mind

Nespresso Professional has launched new touchless functionalities for its Nespresso Momento eco-system, bringing safer coffee moments and peace of mind to every office.

“Health and safety is an absolute priority for employers in the workplace, and that responsibility has become heightened during the global pandemic,” said Pierre-Cedric Bonnet, B2B Director for Nespresso UK and ROI. “In these challenging times, employee collaboration and human connections has become more important than ever to businesses. Our cutting-edge touchless innovations for Nespresso Momento mean that employees can enjoy quality Nespresso coffee moments in a safer way .”

Nespresso Professional announces the launch of three new touchless functionalities for the Nespresso Momento eco-system:

  • Remote control – Coffee drinkers can now control the machine from a mobile phone thanks to an easy-to-use web app. This will enable employees to insert their favourite coffee capsule and choose their preferred cup size and recipe directly from their phone, without touching the machine, for a completely contactless experience.
  • Automatic brewing – employers can now set up their Nespresso Momento machines to brew quality Nespresso coffee without touching the screen. The Nespresso Momento capsule recognition feature means that the machine will recognise the inserted capsule and brew the coffee according to the predefined cup size.
  • Lock-screen – The Nespresso Momento machines also offers a lock-screen option to allow employees to interact with them safely. The main advantage is that each coffee drinker can disinfect the touch screen easily and quickly before using it.

The enhanced machine features can be complemented by single touch accessories with the new Nespresso capsules dispensers, to create a more comforting environment and make every coffee moment even safer.

“The Nespresso Professional team are passionate about supporting our customers in this challenging time,” added Bonnet. “Our new innovations help office and workplace employers make the most of the very latest in touchscreen technology, safely enriches employee connections and their working day.”

In line with Nespresso’s UK and global commitment, every cup of Nespresso coffee will be carbon neutral by 2022.

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