Tailor & Wolf; Transforming business through design.

Tuesday, June 01, 2021.
Tailor & Wolf

Tailor & Wolf; Transforming business through design.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact, mostly negative on businesses but despite the downturn, Interior Architect Audrey Gaffney hasn’t sat still, instead she has gone ahead with the planned relaunch of her business.

The rebranding initiative is in response to the continual growth of her successful interior architecture and design agency, Audrey Gaffney Associates, and a renewal of its corporate vision. At the heart of this rebranding is a change of the company’s name to Tailor and Wolf, which Audrey says better represents the company’s current offering and future direction. 

“Tailor & Wolf embodies the qualities of both the tailor and the wolf. Like the tailor, our work is beautifully finished and bespoke to each client. This is underpinned by the abstract, intuitive sensibility of the wolf. By marrying these qualities of pragmatism and creativity we bring stunning visions to life. We know that great design elevates experiences and enhances the lives of the people who use the space. Ultimately, transformation is at the heart of what we do.” explains Audrey.

Audrey Gaffney Associates’ rebranding is not just cosmetic. In addition to the new graphic identity and website, they have brought in new skills and areas of expertise which will ensure the client’s business reaches its maximum potential, firmly cementing Tailor and Wolf’s status as a market leader. Having worked in the business for almost two decades and with an extensive portfolio of prestigious projects, Managing Director Audrey Gaffney has always taken an innovative and practical approach to all her projects including the rebranding of her successful Interior architectural company.

We have grown and evolved over the years so Audrey Gaffney Associates’ brand no longer tells our story. Our offering has changed and developed therefore we are taking the opportunity to rebrand to better communicate the breadth of expertise that we now represent. The company is not just me; we have a highly accomplished team of creative thinkers and problem solvers.”

While companies may feel cautious right now, Audrey believes businesses need to adapt and change by continuing to invest in their company so they can emerge stronger from the crisis.

“The crisis has forced businesses to adapt and be more flexible. Some decisions companies have been forced to make have revealed capabilities and opportunities that might not have seemed possible before and that could fundamentally change the company’s business model as we emerge from the crisis. One learning companies should take from the crisis is to drive and embrace change, not to sit still.”

The Tailor and Wolf team is a group of highly-skilled, creative thinkers who work collaboratively with their more commercially minded colleagues. “We can use our insights and practical experiences from the hospitality, retail and tourism sectors along with our designers, interiors architects, and graphic designers to create amazing spaces for our clients which work on all levels.”

Audrey believes that good design is not just about aesthetics; it should make a positive impact on all those using the space and in turn on the business. She says “It should be impactful and strike an emotion with the user. Good design solves problems and improves the user’s quality of life while reflecting the clients Brand essence throughout.”

“It’s important for us to take time to get to know and to listen to our clients, who are always the centre of the design process for us. It’s a collaboration. We spend time researching the client’s world and immerse ourselves in it, all of which results in trust and creativity.  We get an insight into the business’s challenges and find solutions. We design spaces that are uniquely the clients, a space that enhances their business and represents their brand identity making them stand out from the competition.”

They will take the client seamlessly through the entire process from concept through to fit-out and styling. Tailor and Wolf can also provide a media kit that communicates the client’s brand message clearly and includes professional photography, so a one-stop-shop for those looking to transform their business and maximise its potential.

The new branding represents a new vision and strategy, offering enhanced services by Tailor and Wolf’s trained professionals who are experts in their chosen fields of expertise. The company is determined to never stop leading the way in innovation, design, and function. “We are a highly focused, efficient, and dedicated team that designs big projects which work on all levels for our clients; emotionally as well as functionally while aesthetically pleasing. We take personal pride in all we do. There is purpose in our approach, and a measurable impact in the outcomes we design” Audrey concludes proudly, and the long list of prestigious clients is a testament to her sentiments. 

Hospitality * Food & Beverage * Office * Retail * Brand Homes & Visitor Centres * Residential Development * Private Residential

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