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Wednesday, April 28, 2021.
Health passport
RDT Care’s Executive Nurse Cara Cottam launching the VHealth Passport’’ More Information Rory Sweeney Paul Allen & Associates Public Relations, 18 Fitzwilliam Square,
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RDT Care launches its unique integrated antigen testing and smart phone V Health passport to assist Hospitality to reopen safely

As Government assesses and finalises plans for the safe reopening of Hotels and Hospitality over the coming months RDT Care have launched their end to end integrated solutions to assist in the safe reopening of the industry.

 RDT Care already work closely with a number of blue chip clients across the Sporting , Corporate and Manufacturing sectors  

As Hotels reopen and guest occupancies rise rapidly due to seasonal and pent up consumer demand we believe it will be imperative that additional measures are employed such as antigen testing and health passports linked to the current health status of the guest or staff member to minimise the spread of the virus according to RDT Care CEO Robert Brennan.This is all the more pertinent when one considers the current higher numbers of virus cases, virus transmissibility and new variants when compared to last Summer.

RDT Care is a unique nurse-led solution that underpins highly effective Covid-19 testing with proven award-winning technologies to create a seamless solution that delivers and assures each Hotel is offering a high end covid safe staycation.

We are seeking to partner with a number of Quality and Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Ireland where there is demonstrable trust ,quality and quality control in all that we do according to Experienced Hotelier Michael Lynch who is leading RDT Cares rollout in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry.

Antigen testing is likely to be necessary in Hotels for the foreseeable future and our Nal von Minden test is 97.54% accurate and is among a small group of Antigen tests which detect the original Covid strain and all its variants with onsite results within 15 minutes.The EU Commission issued a list of 16 Antigen tests as part of their solution for rapid testing. Our Nal Von Minden test is part of this list, added Lynch.

The primary objective of the RDT Care Hotel Solution is to provide a safe Staycation for all residents by minimising the risk of a Covid outbreak on-site through regular testing and screening of Guests and/ or Staff.  Additionally, RDT Care can also minimise the impact of any potential infection on the Hotel operations by using award-winning technology solutions (www.v-healthpassport.co.uk).

The V Health passport connects the Guest to their onsite antigen test result or vaccine status if fully vaccinated and can be used for contact tracing or many other purposes including over time to allow access to various events. 

It is a reality that the vast majority of Seasonally employed Hotel and Hospitality staff are under the age of 30 and are unlikely to be vaccinated before the Summer months.

RDT can also uniquely provide onsite PCR testing for confirmation of positive antigen tests with rapid results within 30 minutes and additionally onsite antibody testing if required.

We believe that our systems are also very well suited to contributing to the safe restart of Meetings , Conferencing , Weddings and Events in the near future also added Lynch.

In addition we believe the Restaurant and Pub sectors would certainly reopen much safer if antigen testing of customers and or staff were employed.

RDT Care have begun discussions with the IHF and Failte Ireland with regard to our products and unique market offer.

Our website is www.rdtcare.com

RDT are Medically Led with Clinical lead  Professor Colm Quigley and assisted by our Executive Nurse – Cara Cottam.

RDT Care offers several competitively priced solutions to Hotels:

1.    Full testing for both staff and guests and reporting through our digital health passport app using our trained personnel and gold standard Antigen tests with any positives confirmed our RT-PCR machine on site –  additional charge for any required PCR tests – In essence creating a safe hotel bubble

2.    Test Kit (boxes of 20) + Qualified nurse for full oversight of testing protocols on-site – 

3.    Test Kit – Supplied (boxes of 20) and reporting through digital health passport app – certified and trained swabbing staff supplied by Hotel

Professionally managed end to end Covid testing can have many benefits for Hotels including higher quest reassurance and comfort , higher guest spends , longer guest stays , higher guest satisfaction  and repeat and recommend levels. In addition it can enable the Hotel to trade at its highest permissible level and dramatically reduce the risk of a commercially and reputationally damaging Covid outbreak, concluded Michael Lynch.

In essence antigen testing and our systems generally can contribute greatly to the Government’s aim of reopening Hotels and Hospitality safely and keeping these sectors open going forward, concluded CEO Robert Brennan.

Perhaps Government will look to support the Industry with financial support towards the cost of antigen testing as a measure to ultimately assist the industry get back on its feet and return over time to a sustainable level of activity? 

RDT Care’s Executive Nurse Cara Cottam launching the VHealth Passport’’ More Information Rory Sweeney Paul Allen & Associates Public Relations, 18 Fitzwilliam Square,
Dublin 2.
Tel: 00-353-1-6769575
Fax: 00-353-1-6769518 Mob: 086-897-6442

For further information on RDT Care Products and Services please contact Michael Lynch on 087 2511007 or email [email protected]

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