The Irish Spa Association Calls for Commercial Support

Saturday, March 13, 2021.

The Irish Spa Association Calls for Commercial Rent Support for the Sector

The Beauty Black Market is Thriving under Level 5 Restrictions with a risk to Public Health.

They Raise the question: Why is Antigen Testing not being given any consideration when it is being demonstrated in many countries with great success?


The Irish Spa Association has said that urgent commercial rent supports are needed to prevent thousands of spa, salon and beauty businesses from closing their doors permanently. 

The Irish Spa Association met with Minister for Business Damien English on the 3rd of February to discuss the future of the sector. All of the aforementioned points were expressed to the Minister. 

Irish SPA Association #SAVEOURSPAS

However, in light of the extended Level 5 lockdown, The Irish Spa Association is calling for full commercial rent supports as some of these businesses are deferring rent payments upwards of €10,000 per month with staff on PUP or wage subsidy payments. 

“It is with great urgency now that if businesses are being asked to remain shuttered past March that the government steps up to the mark and addresses the inadequate supports in place. The prospect of extending the closures means debts will continue to climb and the all-important summer trading period will be eroded,”

“Additional supports are urgently required if businesses are to survive and the sector can reopen and restore the jobs and livelihoods of over 25,000 currently laid off,” says Anita Murray of The Irish Spa Association .

“Empty platitudes of help forthcoming will cause irreparable damage to our industry. Our industry employs over 25,000 people. We need full commercial rent support for the sector, it’s at a critical stage now,” says Peigin Crowley of The Irish Spa Association

There are also real concerns about black market treatments: 

“Black market treatments are a serious concern to us for three reasons, they can be dangerous, they could potentially spread Covid-19 and operators trade without insurance. As the summer comes in so will the demand for black market treatments. These beauty professionals are desperate to maintain their income and I can understand at times that they feel they have no other choice,” says Peigin Crowley of The Irish Spa Association. 

“Irish salon and spa operators use medical grade PPE, perform temperature tests and should have access to antigen tests to ensure staff and clients are protected. We do not understand, particularly when they are utilised successfully in a widespread fashion in other countries including US, Canada, the UK and Switzerland,” Peigin added. 

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