Bookassist Wins For Ireland At Hotel Tech Awards

Monday, February 08, 2021. 6:51pm

Irish hotel technology company Bookassist has pulled in the awards for Ireland at the International HotelTechAwards. Considered the Grammy’s of hotel tech, the awards rank the world’s best hotel software companies and products based on authentic reviews from real users.

Superior unbiased feedback and peer reviews from over 10,000 hoteliers across the globe earned Bookassist the global titles of Best Digital Marketing, Best Website Design and Best Metasearch Company.

Bookassist was the only Irish company to make the Global Top 3 Booking Engine fInalists list, pipped for the top award by tech giant Cloudbeds. Bookassist came in ahead of international company Siteminder who secured 3rd place.

Bookassist also fought off smaller local Irish companies Avvio and Net Affinity outranking them in all 4 categories of Digital Marketing, Website Design, Metasearch and Booking Engine.

“The ranking process is simple, transparent, and unbiased – judging is based on time tested ranking factors, publicly available data and crowdsourced insights from verified hoteliers who have hands-on experience with each product” – Hotel Tech Report CEO Jordan Hollander.

As well as being honoured as a global technology leader, Ireland’s Bookassist was also awarded a coveted People’s Choice Award for outstanding customer centricity based on total verified customer reviews, geographic reach of reviews and overall review sentiment and ratings

Winning the highest achievement in the industry during the most challenging year ever recorded for hotels is humbling. We’re incredibly grateful to the hundreds of clients who came out to support Bookassist despite the major challenges they themselves were dealing with. These awards once again recognise Bookassist as a world-leading, customer-centric technology company that hotels can trust to build their direct booking business.

Dr Des O’Mahony – CEO and Co-founder Bookassist

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