Monart Destination Spa Joins the 100 Million Tree Initiative

Wednesday, March 06, 2024. 3:21pm

Monart Destination Spa

Today (March 6th) during National Tree Week 2,500 native Irish trees will be planted at Monart Destination Spa.


Monart Destination Spa are delighted to announce that they have teamed up with the 100 million tree project in Ireland. This is phase one of the project that will see the Griffin Group drive better biodiversity by using the well-known Miyawaki method.


This method has proven that by planting excess trees together these grow 10 times faster, 30 times denser, create an area 100 times more biodiverse and most importantly create a very rapid carbon sink. 


Monart will create a carbon sink of 34 tons per annum with this initiative, all the while creating a new space for their guests to enjoy while relaxing at the world-renowned destination spa.


The Griffin Group will add to this initiative over the coming months and years increasing the variety of trees at Monart thereby improving local biodiversity. This plays a major role in the group’s strategy of becoming carbon neutral and reducing biodiversity loss.


The Griffin Hotel Group have invested over 1 million euro in sustainability measures within the last 12 months.


Since 2014, the Griffin Hotel Group has been rolling out a long-term strategic sustainability plan. This planting and the following planting phases will result in a carbon sink of approximately 136 tonnes per annum which will help the company achieve carbon neutrality and increase biodiversity. The company is steadily rolling out its carbon reduction roadmap across the key energy, water, waste, and transport areas.


CEO of the Griffin Hotel Group Michael Griffin says, “It is wonderful to be here and see the planting of these special Irish tree species and we are delighted to be part of such a great initiative.

Monart Destination Spa Joins the 100 Million Tree Initiative

Today (March 6th) during National Tree Week 2,500 native Irish trees have started to be planted at Monart Destination Spa. In the Griffin Hotel Group’s 1 million euro sustainability programme. Pictured at the planting is Richard Mulcahy (100 Million Trees Founder) Mark Browne (General Manager Monart Destination Spa) Michael Griffin (CEO Griffin Hotel Group) Liam Anthony Griffin (Director Griffin Hotel Group) Igors Prokopenko (Head Grounds Keeper Monart Destination Spa).

“Monart has many species of trees which were brought in from all over the world during the 18th Century, so it is reassuring that we are bringing back the Irish woods which in a way gives us renewed woodlands as many of our magnificent older trees are struggling with age. We would like to thank the 100 Million Trees project team for all their assistance, it was a pleasure working with them. We look forward to seeing these magnificent trees develop and mature in the coming years giving our guests a new area in which to immerse themselves in nature.”


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