Driving OTA Reduction: The Success of Guestline and Revanista Integration at Great National Ballykisteen Hotel Tipperary

Friday, October 20, 2023. 12:12pm

Hotel Overview:

The Great National Ballykisteen Golf Hotel is an award-winning wedding venue, which combines style with character and charm. Located in the heart of Tipperary, nestled in the shadow of the stunning Galtee Mountains, only an 8-minute drive from Tipperary Town and 30 minutes from Limerick City, this 4-star country retreat, while being conveniently located near the hustle and bustle of the city is perfect for all types of breaks and getaways. Whether for a family staycation, girlie getaway or romantic break, Great National Ballykisteen Golf Hotel has all guests need to ensure unforgettable memories are made. Take a dip in the pool, enjoy a day at the spa, or sample the freshest local Tipperary ingredients at Junction one bar & restaurant, the choices are endless!

Challenges and Requirements:

Before implementing Guestline in August 2021, the hotel faced several challenges with its existing server-based property management system (PMS). The tills and front office operations were inefficient, hindering the overall guest experience. Recognising the need for an upgraded system, the hotel management collaborated closely with the Great National team, in addition to valuable insights from an industry colleague’s positive experience as one of the first hotels to adopt it, solidified the decision to choose Guestline as the preferred solution.

At the start of this year, the Ballykisteen revenue team had set themselves the goal of shifting away from the OTA’s  and towards their own website. Their manual revenue management procedures were time consuming. Their PMS – channel manager integration had limited features which they found to be not very user friendly. They needed an integrated solution where they could manage their revenue management systems rate recommendations and distribute updates to their PMS alongside their online channels.

Systems Implemented:

Ballykisteen Hotel successfully implemented Guestline as their new PMS, replacing the inadequate legacy system. This switch allowed the hotel to streamline its operations and enhance guest experiences. Moreover, the integration with Revanista facilitated a comprehensive revenue management strategy. The hotel is currently employing the full integration, leveraging live inventory updates, rate management, and other advanced features.

According to Cyril McMahon, General Manager of Great National Ballykisteen Golf Hotel,

“The integration of Guestline and Revanista has been a game-changer for us. We are now better equipped to handle the complexities of revenue management and maximise our direct bookings. The system has significantly reduced our reliance on third-party agents and online travel agencies, resulting in a substantial reduction in commissions paid and a considerable increase in revenue generated through our own website.”


More time-saving Rate Monitoring: One of the significant benefits of the Guestline and Revanista integration is the time savings it offers. Prior to the integration, the hotel staff had to spend a considerable amount of time checking rates on various websites and monitoring competitors’ pricing. This process could take up to an hour or more daily, leading to inefficiencies and potential rate cutting challenges. However, with the integrated system in place, the hotel now has a centralised platform where they can conveniently access and manage rates from multiple sources. The integration provides a streamlined and automated process, freeing up the hotel to allocate their resources more effectively towards other important operational tasks, such as guest services, marketing initiatives, and overall revenue management strategies.

More Direct Bookings:  The successful integration of Guestline and Revanista at Ballykisteen Hotel has significantly reduced the hotel’s reliance on third-party agents and online travel agencies. During the previous summer, these OTAs held a dominant position, securing approximately 70% of the room rate. However, with the implementation of Guestline and Revanista, the commission paid for rooms booked through agents experienced a remarkable decline, dropping from 43% in January to 28% in June. This shift has been accompanied by a notable increase in direct bookings made through the hotel’s website. Prior to adopting the integrated system, the hotel faced the challenge of paying substantial commissions for a small establishment. Despite the hotel’s remote location, they continue to maintain a relationship with agents, albeit at a reduced capacity, as they continue to command a significant portion of the revenue.

More Cost Reduction and Future-Proofing: The Guestline system has effectively reduced costs at the reception by simplifying operations and reducing manual tasks. The system’s cloud-based nature ensures that the hotel remains future-proofed, avoiding potential issues associated with on-site servers.

More Enhanced Revenue Management: Weekly calls with the Revanista teams provide the hotel with valuable expertise and guidance in analysing rates, devising rate strategies, monitoring market demand, and identifying key dates. This enables the hotel to make data-driven decisions and capitalize on local events and trends, ultimately optimising revenue generation.

More User-Friendly Interface and Reporting: The Guestline system is highly user-friendly, making it easy for receptionists to check guests in and out, even during periods of internet downtime. This allows the team more time to spend enhancing the guests experience. Additionally, the system provides comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing the hotel management to access real-time data and make informed decisions with more control.

The integration of Guestline and Revanista has empowered the Great National Ballykisteen Golf Hotel to overcome its revenue management challenges and enhance its operational efficiency. By reducing reliance on third-party agents and maximising direct bookings, the hotel has achieved significant cost savings and revenue growth. The user-friendly interface, advanced reporting, and expert support from Guestline have provided the hotel with valuable tools for success. With a future-proofed system in place, the Ballykisteen Hotel is well-positioned to continue delivering exceptional guest experiences and driving sustainable growth in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

Quote from Rachel Howes – Founder Director

“For us developing this integration, it’s all about helping hospitality companies realise their full revenue potential. With Revanista we want to give our partners a great tool to take advantage of all market opportunities, that allows them to increase their operational efficiencies and most important increase their revenue. All of this should be offered at a price that isn’t felt as burdensome.”

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