Guestline Co-host Partner Day with Net Affinity

Tuesday, June 06, 2023. 7:23pm
Guestline Co-host Partner Day with Net Affinity

Guestline Co-host Partner Day with Net Affinity to Collaborate and Discuss the Importance of Partnerships in the Future of the Hotel Stack

Guestline’s Team Ireland successfully co-hosted a partner day with Net Affinity, which brought together various product integrated partners to discuss how their products can work together to solve issues for hoteliers. Partners such as AskSuite, Oaky, For-Sight, GuestRevu, Right Revenue, OTA Insights and Inspire Loyalty attended the event to demonstrate the importance of partnerships in the hotel stack and how their integrations can positively impact all stages of the guest journey.

The event led by Clio O’Gara, Guestline’s Country Manager for Ireland and Sharon Power Cowley, Sales Director at Net Affinity included a mix of in-person and online presentations about each partner’s products, NPD, their role in the tech stack, and why they are the preferred product for hoteliers.

Delving into the world of AI, David from AskSuite talked us through the number one AI chatbot in the world having grown its customer base to 3,200 worldwide with over 60 hotels in Ireland. The brand is busy innovating their product and celebrating unique partnerships with Oaky to offer upsells through the chatbot and integration with GuestRevu to pull through reviews to keep guests engaged before, during and after their stay.

Sharon showcased Net Affinity’s impressive range of products on offer, including their brand-new booking engine, website design capabilities and award-winning marketing services. Sharon gave an exciting demonstration of Net Affinity’s highly advanced booking engine which is rich with features including upgrade options, extras and vouchers. This piece of technology is made for mobile, and was built to help hotels generate as much revenue as possible. Meanwhile, Marketing Director Hollie, discussed Net Affinity’s deft approach when they work with hotels to develop their digital marketing strategy and enhance the customer journey.

Allison Chambers from Oaky, the hyper-personalised hotel upselling solution, talked about how upselling with Oaky ensured a happier guest output with less work for the hotelier and maximised revenue. Rated the number one upselling tool for the 6th year in a row by Hotel Tech Report, its strategic growth in Ireland has proven successful to-date and integration with Guestline boosts automation for the hotelier.

Based in Edinburgh, For-Sight was established in 2010 and since then the brand has gradually become more international with growth across Ireland, NI, UK, America and have just launched their first hotel in Chile. Pulling data daily from Guestline and other systems within the hotel, the For-Sight marketing and guest communication platform builds a single view of the hotel guest, helping hoteliers to manage e-zine requirements and laser focus their marketing campaigns through powerful guest segmentation. For-Sight also facilitates guest communication for hoteliers, by providing the ability to recognise the guest, and their preferences, at every stage of the guest visit; automatically delivering timely and relevant messages which drive revenue and customer loyalty.

The task of managing a hotel’s online reputation can be a source of frustration for some hoteliers, but with the integration of GuestRevu and Guestline, the process is streamlined. Sarah and Paul from GuestRevu explained how the integration works, highlighting the virtual cycle of guest feedback and the use of automated surveys and feedback scores, they also emphasised the importance of hoteliers using their online data to improve their reputation. AskSuite’s integration with GuestRevu allows hoteliers to make use of social proof during critical moments.

Kirsty from Right Revenue showcased the features of their product, which is specifically designed with independent hotels in mind. She highlighted that their technology aims to achieve four main objectives, which include increasing revenue, saving time for hotel staff, fostering a culture of revenue-driven decision making, and enabling independent hotels to compete effectively with their branded competitors. By creating pricing structures that align with the specific needs of each hotel and using machine learning and advanced analytics to analyse live data, their forecasting has proven to be highly accurate, with a margin of error of less than 2% and most importantly, revenue gains averaging a double-digit revenue growth across their portfolio.

Jorge from OTA Insights provided a live demonstration of their platform, utilising heat maps on screen to display market, rate, parity and revenue insights. Their platform is unique as it’s the first to integrate both hotel and short-term rental data into a single solution. With access to comprehensive historical, current and future data, hoteliers can make informed decisions based on real-time datasets.

Steve from Inspire Loyalty presented their branded loyalty solution for hotels and restaurants aimed at increasing repeat business through rewards and recognition, with a success rate of repeat business ranging between 20% and 40%. The loyalty solution integrates with CRM and sends the loyalty number back to the PMS to identify the customer, eliminating the need for the “have you joined our loyalty program yet” question.

And lastly Clio presented Guestline as the lifeblood of a hotel, a PMS with an open API that can be tailored to the needs of the hotelier.

The day closed with discussions about how the partners can further work together to alleviate problems and stresses for hoteliers and how combined that can be a one ‘solution focused’ voice using partner integration as the heart of the tech stack.

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