Ashford Castle – a Legacy Enshrined in Chocolate this Easter

Tuesday, March 14, 2023. 3:52pm
Ashford Castle - a Legacy Enshrined in Chocolate this Easter

Ashford Castle’s Easter Egg features new chocolate blend that you won’t want to Squirrel away

Some call her creations works of art and for Easter 2023, Paula Stakelum, Global Director of Chocolate and Patisserie at Red Carnation Hotels has created a masterpiece.

During the Easter period, Ashford Castle’s guests will be gifted a magnificent hand painted egg that signifies a rare species that lives on the Ashford estate in Co Mayo – the red squirrel. 

The colours of the Easter egg represent the red squirrel, each one resplendent with a high shine exterior. The egg is crafted with Ashford Castle’s signature ‘Legend’ 55% milk chocolate.

Inside will be filled with a new Ashford blend of chocolate the name of which is Legacy.

The new chocolate couverture has been created in partnership with Valrhona Chocolate.  The estate first introduced its Legend blend in 2019 and has added to its collection with Legacy, which expresses intense creamy hazelnut with a hint of Legend 55% milk chocolate to add balance.  The limited-edition Legacy Egg will be available to purchase from Mrs Tea’s Boutique and Bakery on the estate priced at €60.

Legacy concept

More than 150 years algo, Lord Ardilaun of Ashford Castle had a vision to plant thousands of trees and mature woodland bursting with life.  He created a legacy that has been nurtured to this day along with a woodland home for the red squirrel.  This was the inspiration for Easter 2023 with Paula Stakelum adding texture to the outside of the shell to capture a sense of the squirrel’s coat, while filling it with Legacy bark, to represent the woodland trees.

Chocolate Box

In addition to this exclusive egg, chocolate officiandos will love Ashford Castle’s Chocolate Box of delicious edible and drinkable goodies, all produced on the estate. Priced at €70, the Ultimate Chocolate Box from Ashford Castle comes in recyclable packaging complete with: Valrhona hot chocolate, Cornflake milk chocolate shards, milk chocolate Crunchies, salted dark chocolate fudge and Legend chocolate whiskey truffles.

Valrhona is used exclusively on the estate as Ashford Castle believes it is the best chocolate in the world.  Additionally, Valrhona shares the same values and beliefs regarding quality, sourcing and sustainability. For online orders visit  Chocolate Box Link (delivery charges will apply).

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